Today’s Arrival: Thrifty Travel Mama

Blogosphere, meet Thrifty Travel Mama.  Thrifty Travel Mama, meet Blogosphere.  If you’re reading this, you probably know me.  But perhaps later on, there may be people reading this blog that do not know me.  I am a Mama to two boys, T-Rex (2 1/2yrs) and Screech (10 months).  I love to travel.  Seeing new things and places is how I spend all the money I save by being thrifty.

I just moved with my husband Doc Sci (he’s got one of those fancy schmancy PhDs) and boys to Germany.  No, I don’t speak any German.  No, I don’t know what I’m getting myself into.  Yes, I’m going to have to totally rely on God.  And yes, of course I like adventure!

Follow me throughout the year and experience marvels, miracles, and mishaps as they happen.  I’ll show you where and how I live as an expat mama, tips for defying the odds and remaining thrifty in pricey Europe, and confess the idiotic things I mistakenly or purposefully do while adjusting to life abroad.  Andiamo!

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