Packing Up

Thrifty Travel Mama |Expat Life - Making The MoveLook around the rooms of your house.  Do you love what you see?  If not, in this instance consider yourself lucky.  If you do, how much do you love it?  Would you give it all away if someone needed or wanted it more than you?

I’ve heard sermons on the Rich Young Ruler (Luke 18:18-29) for years.  The pastor always seems careful to point out that Jesus isn’t actually asking us to give everything away.  But what if He really does ask you to do that?  Yikes.  Then we realize how much we actually love our stuff.

I wouldn’t consider myself materialistic in any sense of the word.  But packing up our life to move to another continent made me realize just how much I was attached to my junk and how much I really didn’t want to part with it.  I also realized how much I was keeping “just because.”  I threw away so much trash, and I gave away so many things that I never used or needed.  In the end, I was kind of horrified at how much we had accumulated and eventually purged.

Ask yourself, why am I keeping this?  Do I use it?  Do I really need it?  Does someone I know own this?  Could I borrow it?  Would I pay to store it?  If I didn’t see it for one year, two years, five years, would I miss it?

What about you?  If you had to move yourself, your family, your life in only eight, 50-lb bags, what would you bring?  What is most important to you?  What do you treasure?

Packing Up

Organizing and Packing Suitcases

3 thoughts on “Packing Up

  1. Have you written any blogs on how you moved to Germany? Perhaps with tips on how to pack and what is worth bringing vs what isn’t? I’d love all the advice I can get. It looks like my little family and I are moving there very soon as well and I’m not sure what will be to expensive to buy there and what should better be left at home. 🙂

    • Hi Jaclyn,
      That is an excellent idea! I will add it to my list of posts to do. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions you want to ask, just send me an email (address on the Contact page). Happy to help! 🙂

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