Crisped Up Tastes Better!

Breakfast! Fresh milk, soya drink, and some pretty tasty chocolatey cereal. The olive oil is a bit of a show-off but not part of breakfast.

A big part of my week back in the States revolved around grocery shopping.  I’m one of those “extreme couponer” crazy people that hold up the line and pay next to nothing for a cart full of groceries.  Southern Savers and I Heart Publix, I miss you.  German grocery stores have kinda sorta specials (like 25 cents off – big whoop) but no coupons or buy-one-get-one-free deals.  So sad.  Seriously, I am going through withdrawls.

Here are the highlights of my grocery store experiences thus far:

Beans!  I cannot find beans!  Okay, well, I did find a lonely can of kidney beans but this Mexican food Mama wants some refritos, or at the bare minimum some pintos or black beans.  (Update: I found beans.. at an Asian/Indian/international food store.  Asians eat black beans?)

Milk, flour, and sugar are super cheap.  Brown sugar is hard to come by, and I have yet to see chocolate chips (wink, wink visitors).

Bread is everywhere.  I bought some Turkish bread at the Lidl store because it looked delicious.  And because I could not figure out the fire-poker-stuck-in-a-plexiglass-box contraption holding the French baguettes hostage.  Doc Sci said he tried a pretzel dough croissant thingy today.  Doesn’t that sound ridiculously good?  Especially the thingy part.  The Turkish bread had something on the package that looked like “genius tip.”  Google translate told me “Crisped Up Tastes Better!”

I’ve seen eighteen kinds of frozen fish but no frozen chicken breast.  Chicken wings?  Check!  American hamburgers?  Check!  But no frozen chicken breast.

Hackenflesh – No German word makes me want to be a vegetarian more than this.  This is their word for ground meat (beef, turkey, mix).  And no, I did not make that up.  I didn’t spell it right either.

Stroopwafelen – If you’ve been to the Netherlands or someone who has been to the Netherlands brought you a box of this, you know how absolutely scrumptious these are.  And I found a whole bag for only a euro.

Fiber – There’s a serious lack of this in most of what’s at the grocery store (hello, no beans!).  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Organics – They have tons of organic foods, dairy, and produce.  Awesome!

German order – No institution here would be complete without it, not even the grocery store.  They have these wimpy metal gates guarding your way in and out of the grocery store.  Of course they are clearly marked and shouldn’t be a problem.  Unless you’re not paying attention.  And you realize after you’ve entered that the carts are not inside the store but outside.  And you try to go back out the entrance.  And a serious, loud, recording barks at you to turn around and get back inside.  And an old lady snickers at you.  That’s when they’re a problem.

If you live overseas, what food/item do you miss most?  If you live in the US, what food/item do you think you could never live without?

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