Home Sweet 30-Day Home

We live in the ritzy part of our city.  Not because we are ritzy but because it was the only thing available furnished on short notice.  And we will shortly be moving out as we only have the place for a month.  But while we’re here, we soak it up.  The houses here are amazing.

Our neighbor's garage

I swear I live across the street from Pollyanna.

Pollyanna’s House

We are on the third floor (fourth for you Americans).  No lift.

Stairs up to our flat

We also have stairs in our loft apartment.  It is a pretty sweet place for a single person or couple.  It’s downright dangerous for itty bitty boys.  This means we had to have a crash course in improvised childproofing.

Step 1: Move couch from living room area in front of stairs.  This serves as a deterrent for Screech who can climb to the top in the time it takes you to turn your back and take something out of the fridge.  It’s rather freakish.

Childproofing the stairs

Step 2: Use packing tape to cover the outlets (covers are expensive).  Step 3: Keep bathroom door closed as the toilet is a little boy magnet.  Step 4: Be thankful it’s not winter and the radiators that fascinate the boys aren’t actually on.

Speaking of doors, the one to the bathroom is the only one in the flat besides the front door.  This is a serious nap problem for Mama and boys.  That 1130pm run to Walmart the day before departure to buy a black sheet set was totally worth it as was the decision to make room for a clothesline.

Curtain to the boys’ room

Our fridge is the size of your biggest kitchen cabinet.  Our freezer is as big as your sock drawer.  No stock-piling for this Travel Mama.

Our fridge

We do not have a microwave but – surprise, surprise – we have a dishwasher!  It holds about one meal’s worth of dishes.

Our Dishwasher

We have skylights in the ceiling of the loft.  At night you can see stars.  That totally rocks.

We have three windows.  The blinds are on the outside.  Weird.  Won’t they get dirty?

Blinds on the outside of the window

Trash must be sorted into four piles: recycling (almost everything), paper (for recycling), bio/compost, and other.  While it’s great to be green, some days I don’t want to deal with it.  And I have a serious ick factor with compost in my kitchen.  Ewwww.

All the different trash bins for the building: green (paper), grey (other), brown (bio/compost), and yellow recycling bags (not pictured).

What quirks does your house have?  Do you have any improvised child-proofing tips (meaning they don’t involve buying a childproof contraption)?


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