Bump Rider

“Let’s go – we’re leaving!”

“In the car, mama?”

“No, we don’t have a car anymore.”

This speech happens almost every time we leave our flat.  T-Rex can’t really understand where our car went, but at least he doesn’t complain about walking everywhere.  Why?  Because we have a Bump Rider!

A former bump riding

A Bump Rider is a handy dandy, half skateboard-ish contraption that attaches to the back of any stroller.  A toddler or preschooler can stand up on it, hold on to the stroller and ride for free.  In other words, it’s an insta-double stroller!

Though I wouldn’t consider it cheap, it is a BARGAIN compared to the price of strollers here.  Doubles are hard to come by and not easy to maneuver over cobble stones, through narrow aisles, on and off trams, etc.  Of course, there is one double model that is, Phil & Teds.  (I’m secretly in love with you Phil & Ted – shhhh!  Don’t tell Eddie Bauer!  I’m figuring out the detail$$ of how we can be together.)

As for what you do if you have 3, I guess you just get your car shipped over here.  Or you get a Chariot to pull two, a bike seat for one, and ask Santa pretty pretty please for some killer leg muscles to pull all that kiddo weight!  Okay beg, grovel, plead.  You (I) will need them!

Do you have a stroller you love?  Have you used it on public transportation?  On dirt paths?  I want to hear about favorite strollers – extra points for bargains!


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