Travelzoo Wednesday

Hurray for Wednesday!  Not only is it the mid-point of the week and that much closer to the weekend, it’s also the best day for travel deals.

Here are my picks from the Top 20 US Edition:

$499 — Ireland Vacation w/3-Bedroom Villa, Rental Car & Air : Ireland is on sale now!  I have seen tons of deals on all three of the Top 20 lists in today’s post.  If you’re thinking of going to Ireland and don’t mind going during the shoulder or off-season, book a trip now!  This deal is for Adare Manor, a beautiful property that is a great home base for exploring western Ireland (Cliffs of Moher, Limerick, the Burren, etc).  Also, this price includes a car rental which you really need when visiting Ireland.

$449 — New Zealand from California (each way) : This is the only other deal on this week’s Top 20 that really caught my eye.  There are other good deals, but Caribbean cruises and Las Vegas are not my kind of trips.  This airfare is from LA or San Francisco.  If you live in one of these places, you’re in luck!  If not, price it out two ways: (1) investigate to see how much it would cost to a code share flight from your home airport and (2) investigate third-party websites like Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, and Orbitz, to see how much a separate ticket would cost from your home airport.  If you purchase a separate ticket, beware that you’ll need extra time built into your itinerary to claim and re-check your bags in LAX/SFO if you cannot check them through to Auckland.

From the Top 20 UK Edition:

£58 & up — 4-Star Berlin Hotel inc Perks, 45% Off : Though this hotel is not downtown, it is close to an underground station and includes a buffet breakfast.  For four of us, for €69/night, that is a great deal.  I see a trip to Berlin in our future!

£5 — Flights to Europe on Sale (Each Way) : Though I don’t have a Ryanair airport close to me, this is a great deal.  Just don’t forget extras like luggage, seat selection, etc.  Be flexible and SAVE!

And, finally, from the Top 20 Germany Edition:

€ 49-79 – Autumn Sale for City Hotel in Berlin, -45% : More Berlin hotel deals, this time including 3*!  It pays to check all the editions.  I don’t speak, read, or write German so Google Translate is my friend.  Just type in the web link, press translate, and you’ll be able to read the website in English.  If you have Google Chrome, it will translate the page automatically!

€ 25-50 – 50% off rail travel through France to : As you can see, the translation is not always perfect, but you get the ideal.  This deal is only good through the end of September so we’re going to have to hurry!

€ 79 – Prague: 3 days in a 4 *- hotel with old-Upgrade : Ha, an old upgrade, well whatever, I will take it!! Prague is at the top of our list for a little vacation perhaps for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I’ll be checking out this deal as it says you can extend your stay.


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