Thrifty Travel Mama’s Workout

Doc Sci told me today I was getting skinny.  He’s nice like that.  I haven’t worked out in weeks.  Well, at least not in the traditional way!  Once upon a time, I was a runner.  I still might be; the jury’s still out.  Several years ago, we took a family vacation to Vail and went mountain biking.  We both agreed it was not our idea of a good time.  Ha – but here we are.  Biking everywhere.  Germany is very green.

If you’d like a little of the Thrifty Travel Mama’s skinniness to rub off, have a go at this workout…

Wake up.  Walk down 1 flight of stairs and shower.  Just because everyone else in Europe smells, you do not have to.

Eat a hearty breakfast of chocolate müesli or cereal or whatever.  Just make sure it includes chocolate.  Walk up one flight of stairs to get boys up.

After feeding boys, strap 25-lb Screech to your back and pick up a 10-lb bag of laundry and detergent.  Somehow manage to hold T-Rex’s hand and walk down 4 flights of stairs.  Remember these?

Stairs up to our flat

Walk down 1 more flight of stairs in the next building.  With Screech still on your back, do squats while loading laundry and detergent into machines.  Walk up 1 flight of stairs to ground level, then another 4 back up to the flat, then another 1 to put Screech down for morning nap.

Keep T-Rex quiet for 2 hours while Screech naps (this burns a lot more calories than you would think).  Remember laundry needs to go in dryer.  Silently (ha) slip out the door with T-Rex and run (literally) down 4 flights of stairs, across the lawn, and down 1 more flight.  Do your laundry thing, and then wearily walk up all those stairs with T-Rex who wants to turn on every light switch and investigate every speck of dust on the ground.

Walk up and down 1 flight of stairs to get Screech up.  Feed boys lunch.  Walk down 4 flights of stairs holding Screech on one hip and T-Rex’s hand.  While still holding Screech, drag stroller down 6 stairs and out front door.

Walk boys to the park.  Run around to tire out T-Rex, and pray he naps.  Wonder why you are the only people at the park.  Every day.

Push boys home on stroller.  Pull Screech + stroller up six stairs backwards.  Seat Screech on hip and try to corral T-Rex up 4 flights of stairs mid-two-year-old-hissy-fit-tantrum.  Up and down 1 flight of stairs to put boys to bed for afternoon nap.

Collapse.  Take a nap yourself.  Then eat more chocolate.  It really does make the world go ’round.  Wait, maybe that’s love.  No, it’s chocolate or else Valentine’s Day wouldn’t involve so much of the stuff.

Sneak off to get laundry sans boys while they are sleeping.  Up and down 4+1 flights of stairs.  Up and down 1 flight of stairs to get boys up from nap.  Ride your bike to the big American-style grocery store.  Because you are American and like big chains.  Little stores are sometimes just too, well, little.  Give yourself a talking-to about buying milk, vinegar, yogurt, potatoes, and onions all in the same trip.  Strap heavy groceries to your back.  Bike home.  Did I mention it is uphill both ways?  In the snow?

Make dinner amid chaos.  Eat dinner amid chaos.  For some extra special chaos, get boys socks, shoes, and jackets on.  Oh yes, you need those things too.

Go for an after-dinner-I-am-so-European walk.  Keep the whining contained while herding boys and husband up stairs for the last time.  Put boys to bed.  Eat more chocolate.  You need the calories.  Then eat ice cream because it’s cheap here.  Collapse and dream of a new flat with a LIFT and NO STAIRS!

What are your workout secrets?  Let’s hear ’em!

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