Saturday’s trip was a little one, a short walk and picnic in the Black Forest.  After all, we had FLOHMARKTs to go to!  And what, pray tell, is a Flohmarkt?

Google Translate tells me it is a flea market.  I don’t remember the last time I was at a flea market so I can’t attest to whether or not it really is like one.  But I’m pretty sure “flea market” isn’t entirely accurate.


I happened to see a sign for the Saturday morning one while getting lost.  How is it that you find things when you get lost?  One of the mysteries of life, I suppose.  This one reminded me more of a yard sale.  We didn’t get anything.

Scouring for deals

While T-Rex and Screech were peacefully napping (ha if only that were true), I went out with my new friend to another money pit, er, I mean sale across town.  This flohmarkt reminded me more of a crazy kids consignment sale.  You had to pay to have a table inside, but people lined up all along the path outside hawking wares for free (fellow thrifty mamas!).  Gobs and gobs of moms were packed inside the gym.

Thank God for my new friend.  She gave me the scoop on what all I needed for boys in winter.  I haven’t the foggiest, snowiest, rainiest idea.  However, I am most excited about the fact that I got… drum roll please… a PUKY bike for T-Rex!

I love me a PUKY bike!

These things seriously rock.  They are little bikes with no pedals.  The kid just scoots along, using his feet, while learning balance and steering.  I love it because it means I don’t have to push 36lbs of boy on an already heavy stroller.

I also picked up a pair of what my friend calls rubber pants.  Yeah, yeah, snicker away.  But I’m a clean freak which makes me a BIG fan of such contraptions.  The playgrounds here are mostly sand.  I already cringe at the thought of having to clean up sandy toddlers and babies (with no vacuum..) but once you get the stuff wet, it’s even worse.  Of course, Germans would have a solution to such problem.  The kids put these jumper thingies on and they can dig, bury, and roll around to their heart’s content.

Dirt is no match for T-Rex in the rubber pants

In addition to the PUKY bike and pants, I got a winter stroller cover for the Screech man, two tubs of good ol’ wooden blocks, a humongo sleep bag (I have only seen these for newborns – all kids here wear them), and three German word books.  All that for about €38!  I KNEW there were deals to be had here!

Do you have a favorite consignment sale, garage sale, etc find?  Leave a comment, link, or shameless plug!


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