Marvel: real,- SWEET

Last Friday, I went to the Walmart of Germany called real,-.  I had to take a tram to the suburbs, but it was worth it.  You may have noticed in my post about paying cash for groceries that I found cheddar cheese and unpopped popcorn.  I found them – and a lot more – at real,-.  Since we’re all about travel here, I’ll give you a quick (free!!) tour.

This place sold everything from bedding to tires, toys, bikes, appliances, sports gear, and food.  Doc Sci sent me there with only an hour to spend.  Uh, that was not enough to cover it, and I was most definitely late getting home.

The vacuums are super tiny and more expensive than I thought they’d be.  I didn’t see any uprights – they all were the drag behind you type.  I’m pretty sure you get a rinky dink floor attachment with it but you could double the price by buying a real spiffy, as-big-as-the-canister attachment.

Itty bitty vacuums - with souped up attachments sold separately.

And then there are the bags.  Miles and miles of vacuum bag options.  Who knew there were that many kinds of vacuums in Germany?

Vacuum bags

And because vacuums cost so much, people here use brooms/dustpans/mops.  As such, real,- had an entire aisle devoted to these mainstays.

Broom/Dustpan aisle

The irons (also pricey) came with these things called steam stations.  I could not figure out what in the world they were for.  Does anyone know?

Irons with steam stations

In case you are fond of all the mystery meat sold here and you would like to slice it just so, you can purchase your very own deli meat slicer.  No home is complete without one, dontchaknow.

Your own personal deli meat slicer

While there are many options for hot pots (that’s electric tea kettle for you Americans), I only saw one with variable temperature.  But who cares?  One exists!  I am married to a tea snob who has to make his green, white, and red tea at a certain temperature.  It’s kind of ridiculous, but now that I am used to it, I can’t drink anything but black or herbal tea when it’s made with boiling water.  It really does burn the tea.  In America, we had one of these.  Doc Sci will be glad to know there is a euro-substitute.

Variable-temp hot pot

A washing machine!  A CHEAP washing machine!  We have hookups in our new flat for a washer (we have a new flat!).  With all the bum cover washing I do, I think it is worth it.

Cheapo washer

My friend in Estonia alerted me to the fact that ziplocs are not a European kitchen staple.  She was right.  Everyone has reusable containers.  I even saw a banana-shaped banana container.  Well, because what else would you put in a banana-shaped container but a banana?

Containers galore

Yesterday, I enlightened you all to the world of PUKY bikes.  Here are the cheap knock-offs, some with pedals and some without.

Knock-off PUKY bikes

And now to the food.  Ahhhh I am hungry already.  The first aisle I came to was the chocolate aisle.  Yes, there is a whole aisle (with a display running down the middle so it’s really more than just one) devoted to just chocolate.  The picture below is of half of it.  I stood in the very middle to take the picture.

HALF of the chocolate aisle

The baby aisle wasn’t so impressive.  They carry the same as other stores, nothing too exciting.  What I did find hilarious, however, was that it was right next to the wine aisle.

The baby aisle.. right next to the wine aisle.

I posted earlier about how I could not find frozen chicken breast.  Not that our freezer is big enough to hold it, but still.  I found it!

Frozen chicken breast - pretty cheap too!

I have been a big fan of Stephanie O’Dea’s crockpot recipes.  I am going through withdrawls without my crock here.  I have seen some on ebay and might break down and buy one.  What does this have to do with the picture below?  Stephanie does gluten-free recipes.  I could not believe the huge selection of gluten-free products.

Huge selection of gluten-free products

Because real,- is SWEET, they had an American section.  I find it seriously silly what they carry.  What I want to know is, are these products here because the expats actually buy these things?  Or are these products here because that’s what Germans THINK Americans want to buy?  I’m totally okay without my Crisco, Pop-Tarts,  Hellmann’s, and Jolly Time.  Hershey’s Syrup?  Well, it would take a lot for this thrifty mama to pay €6 for it.

The American section

I found BEANS!!! The bags are tiny but I will have to live with that.  Beans are, as you know, the magical fruit.  Fruit I can live without, magic I cannot.


And last, but not least, we have a TEARPAD sighting folks!  Well, I’m pretty sure it’s a tearpad.  I didn’t take one because I don’t eat mayo.  Not even one slimy slather.  I am picky, I know.  Thanks, real,-!  You have given me more hope that Germany will one day resort to couponing.


Did you like the tour?  Would you like more (free!!) tours?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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