Marvel: Bier Bike

It’s no secret that Germans like their beer.  They also like their bikes.  Someone is making a heap o’ euros on the idea of combining the two.

Last Saturday, we heard quite a ruckus outside our window.  Grown men singing.  Crazy loud.  This is not weird in and of itself, but our neighborhood is little-old-lady-whispering-hush quiet.  I gave Doc Sci the camera and some running shoes and sent him to track down the source of this madness.

Here’s what he saw…

Their website outlines strict rules for drinking and pedaling.  No public peeing.  No jumping off in traffic.  No howling at or mobbing women or passersby.  No more than 10 liters of beer per hour.  You can even rent the thing for bachelor parties.  In my city, it’s €100-130 for 2 hours depending on the day plus the cost of alcohol.  Split 10 or 14 ways, that’s not bad at all.

But be careful, if you are drunk or violating their above rules, the bier bike has to be returned immediately with a €200 administrative fee.  Yikes!

Would you like to try the bier bike?  (There are non-alcoholic tour options as well which is the family friendly way to go!)


2 thoughts on “Marvel: Bier Bike

  1. Haha! This is funny and clever! I know few people who would absolutely do it! I actually saw similar 6-8 person bikes (no beer though) in one of the parks in Syracuse. Pretty cool!

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