Mishap: Rain, Rain, Go Away

I went out on Saturday with the intention of exploring and showing you the Farmer’s Markets here in my city.  I have heard that they happen every day of the week in different neighborhoods.  Saturday is the biggie though with a super-size-me market in the city center.

The problem?  Rain.  Not your typical Florida downpour, but slow and steady spit.  Sure we have umbrellas, water resistant jackets, and even a rain cover for the pram (okay it’s a stroller but everyone here calls them prams).  But these were no match for the spittle (except the rain cover which did hold up thank God).

We were soaked after the first market.  The second market did me in.  I was the unwilling host of a puddle party in my shoes.  If we had a paycheck in the bank, I would’ve forked over 30 euro for a pair of ugly rain boots I saw at a sidewalk sale.  Just so I could have dry feet.  Never underestimate the value of dry feet.  The comfort of your feet is somehow attached to your mood.  Drown the feet, and expect a flood of the uglies.

So we seriously need some rain gear, a la North Face or the like.  And I should never wear anything short of boots if it is even threatening to rain and less than 60 degrees.  Ugh.

However, I did manage to take some pictures of the Farmers’ Markets.  And of Doc Sci pushing a ridiculous looking contraption in an effort to keep two boys and a man dry.  I had an umbrella, but that did nothing for my feet.  Nope, I’m still not over my own stupidity.  Grrrr.

We were quite a sight - Screech lucked out and stayed dry.

My neighborhood Farmer’s Market definitely shivered in the shadow of the downtown giant.  The pictures aren’t even worth posting.  But I should note that both markets were full of flowers.

Loads and heaps of flowers.

Fresh and fragrant fruit, most was organic.

This garlic is dried; the garlic in the stores is fresh.

Mini peppers - maybe they would be good in the salsa I am planning to make?

Lots of nuts and mixes - no spices though.

Fresh apple juice.

Too many kilos of delicious squash!

I had never seen these before - Chinese lanterns http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physalis_alkekengi.

The prices were rather high compared to stores.  Since we are thrifty around here and money is tight until pay day, I passed.  This time.  Nonetheless, I shall return.  With dry shoes.

Do you visit a local Farmer’s Market?  What kinds of things do you buy there?  Have you discovered any interesting wares for sale?  Any tips for quality, affordable rain gear? =)

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