Autumn in Germany

I told you fall was coming, didn’t I?

I don’t think autumn had quite made up its mind about when it wanted to arrive this year.  We had wonderful stretches of t-shirt (and even tank top!) weather, gorgeously warm sunshine, and cloud-less days.  Not typical or so I am told.  But, alas, the fog has rolled in, and I am sure we have bid the last summer remnants auf weidersehn.

The weather here has a snarky sense of humor.  It sells itself to the weatherman as “sunny” but is, in fact, a great pretender.  Sunshine covered by fog is not sunshine.  It also has a cheeky habit of deciding it will be “sunny” Monday through Friday and rainy on the weekend.  Don’t believe me?

Last Friday evening, we determined to climb a ridiculously high tower on a nearby mountain the next morning.  With the boys.  We are crazy; we know.  But we ended up having pancakes with a side of fog.  It hijacked a bit of our view but made for some pretty rad pictures.

T-Rex whined a bit at the climb but got over it when he saw the seriously sweet playground halfway up.  I laid in the leaves with the T-Rex.  Screech ate dirt and took a nap in the backpack carrier.

Doc Sci taught T-Rex how to roll down a hill.  And we all quivered at the top of the tower as it visibly shook in the wind.  I’m pretty sure I figured out (after we got back down of course) that you’re not supposed to take children up to the top.  Oops.  We then got the heck outta dodge and went home for a long autumn nap.

The little itty bitty man in the bottom right of the picture is Doc Sci - at the bottom of over 200 stairs!

Since I’ve lived too long in hot places with no such thing as fall, I want to know if any of you have autumn traditions.  Food, festivities, crafty thingamabobs, whatever.  Leave a comment with your favorite (or two).



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