The Family Car

T-Rex is always asking me if we are going to go get in the car.  Sorry, little buddy, we don’t have a car here in Germany.  But we do have bikes – and a borrowed bike trailer!

While I can see the value of a car here more than in bigger cities like Berlin and Munich, it just wasn’t worth the cost to bring it over for only one year.  Two years, maybe.  But not just one.  And then there are the issues of a German license, registration, insurance, etc., when you don’t speak the language.  In an attempt to keep some simplicity in our lives, we bought bikes.

Unfortunately, we weren’t very bright about this bike buying thing.  Of course, we didn’t have much choice.  We needed bikes ASAP.  Trams do exist in my city and are quite convenient.. but also quite expensive.  We got a great deal on  a bike from an American leaving to go home.  It just so happens to be a girls bike that is too big for me.  Oops.

Doc Sci went to a bike auction to be all thrifty (I love that man) and get a good deal on a used bike.  A good deal he did get – on a teenage boys bike.  So I ride the boy bike, and he rides the girl bike.  Ahh well, live and learn, right?


The cargo hold, a.k.a. the trunk.


Our Aussie friends lent us a bike trailer to tow the two boys around.  My Thrifty Travel Mama workout has now been changed from climbing stairs to pulling too many kilos of boys behind my bike to and from T-Rex’s kindergarten.

Actually, I haven’t done that yet.  I’m kind of afraid.  Afraid that it will take an hour for what takes every one else 10 minutes.  Afraid my muscles will wimp out and I’ll have to walk all those kilos of boys attached to my bike.  Uphill.  Both ways.  In the snow.


Backpack carriers are for more than just babies.


Most of the time T-Rex & Screech like the trailer.  One particular trip to IKEA proved to be the exception.  We did load their laps with cargo.  And they protested in a way only loud American boys can do.  MAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


We stupidly put coffee cups in here. They slid right out when I bent over to lock up the bike. Doh!


If you have any tips for packing on the cycling muscles, leave a comment and enlighten me.  My boys will thank you.

Thrifty Travel Mama

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