Trip Report: The Lake

I didn’t get to post on Friday.  Grrrrr.  It was one of “those” days.  The kind that starts off with oh-so-grand expectations and ends in near exhaustion.  I mustered up enough energy to do a little research and find a place for us to explore on Saturday.  Two requirements: cheap and very little prep.  France was an option but the trip was twice as long.  We decided on The Lake.

So pretty... and.. sooo.. cold..

Now, it’s not really called The Lake.  It just has one of those names that totally does not translate well.  Actually, it doesn’t translate at all.  And this is a family friendly blog so I can’t have any snickers or comments from the peanut gallery.  So, we’re calling it The Lake.

Look real close and you can see snow. Florida boy Doc Sci could not believe there was such thing as snow in October.


1. Buy the right ticket. We had one train pass but needed another (kids under 6 are free).  We bought the wrong one and basically paid double.  Of course we didn’t figure this out until the next day.  I’ll chalk it up to the whole no time or energy for getting every detail right.  It was only a 5 euro mistake.  But I could’ve had a lot of pastries and coffee for 5 euro.

Screech's first real train ride!

2. Be prepared for any kind of weather. I told you the weather here has a snarky sense of humor.  Like when it says it’s going to be sunny.  And then, it’s totally not.  Luckily, it didn’t all out pour.  But The Lake definitely didn’t have the sun we had expected based on the totally-all-the-time accurate

The leaves here had turned black. They must have also been mad about the icky spitting rain.

3. Bring the right equipment. We brought our rickety stroller with us instead of the backpack carrier.  The stroller is two milliseconds away from completely falling apart (hence, my obsession of late with getting a Phil & Teds on ebay), but the backpack carrier wouldn’t have been so good for Screech in the rain.

From here you could see trains and boats. Except when I was trying to take a picture. Of course then there were none to be found.

Despite the pitiful lack of sunshine, we all managed to make the best and enjoy the time.  This kind quick trip is our favorite: a low-stress, inexpensive morning enjoying each other’s company with amazing views.  It’s times like these when I absolutely love living here.

T-Rex on the hunt.. for puddles to jump!

What’s your favorite quick trip?  Leave a comment.  I always like hearing other people’s favorites and getting new ideas.


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