Our House (is not really) in the Middle of Our Street

You know you’re day is really shot when you’re already putting out fires and mopping up tears before 830am.  Boo.  Hiss.  I don’t like those days.  At least our place is starting to feel a bit more like our home.  That helps to take the edge off when everything else around feels less than stellar.  And speaking of less than stellar, that’s pretty much how we would have described our place upon moving in.  So let’s get to some before and after pictures, shall we?


Living room before. We were using an IKEA shopping bag for the boys' toys. I think this could be accurately labeled fire hazard.

Living room before. You might mistake this for a page out of the Sears catalog from 1983. Minus the toy wreckage.

Living room after. Black sheets repurposed as slipcovers. Loaned curtains, rug, TV, and chairs with decent slipcovers. A hand-me-down mammoth desk. It's kind of eerie how everything sort of matches. Sorta kinda.

Bathroom before. Apparently shower curtains and rods are not standard. But the previous tenants' hair is free of charge.

Hey at least we have a toilet brush. And you gotta love our laptop-sized flusher.

Bathroom after. What a difference an alligator tub mat makes.

Kitchen before. This kitchen is even smaller than the last one. No dishwasher or drying rack. Three drawers, two cabinets. Sigh.

The "pantry" before. Not sure how a family of four is supposed to have only four shelves for food and kitchen essentials.

Kitchen after. My beloved borrowed washer, and an extra itty bitty shelf.

Our room before. No duvets, no sheets. Thank you Christy for telling me to bring flat sheets from the US or we would not have slept at all the first night.

Our room before. Good thing we didn't bring many clothes. This is it for clothing storage for two people, one much bigger than the other.

Our room after. Curtains for everyone's peace of mind and duvets especially for mine.

The boys' room - it actually has two beds but we only need one for T-Rex since Screech is still in the pack & play. We spruced it up with a duvet, curtains, and a rug from IKEA but didn't get a picture.

The boys' room before - extra bed aka changing table and wardrobe. We now have a sheet to hide the crazy clown pattern.

Storage closet before. We mostly had icky stuff in here we didn't want to look at let alone touch.

Storage closet after. Doc Sci was the initiator of this cleanup project - way to go DaddyO. It looks messier than it actually is. Seriously.

The entryway before. What a disaster. We have since moved the shelf into the living room, got a ginormous basket for backpacks and such, and a tension rod shelf for jackets. Apparently, I forgot to take an after picture of this too. Priorities, mama, priorities.

There you have it – a tour of my pad.  You may not think the “after” pictures are too dramatic, but any color and life is an improvement on the drab institutional feel that first welcomed us.  You also may have noticed that we don’t have anything on the walls.  We’re not allowed to drill into the concrete.  Another round of boo.  Hiss.  Ahh well, we’ll manage somehow.  I still am thankful that the heat works and the water is drinkable.  Perspective, mama, perspective.

Any ideas for even better “after” pictures on a low budget?  Leave a comment with creative ways to further make our flat our home.



2 thoughts on “Our House (is not really) in the Middle of Our Street

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