Travelzoo Wednesday

Well, I’m not going to Berlin.  But I am getting a Phil & Teds!  And payday is just around the corner.  And Screech is turning one.  And it’s Travelzoo Wednesday.  The end.


US Edition:

$69 — North Carolina Mountain Resort w/Breakfast : It’s possible that this is in the middle of nowhere.  But sometimes, that’s the point, right?  And free breakfast, which, if you’re married to Doc Sci means free breakfast, lunch, and two snacks every day.

Fare Sale from Tampa, Orlando & Jacksonville / $69 — Orlando: Official Disney Resort at 50% OFF / $65.50 — 2 Tickets: Popular Orlando Dinner Show at Half Off : Apparently this is the week to go to Florida, and Orlando in particular.  If touristy Orlando/Disney is your thing, these are your deals.

$49 — Lake Tahoe 4-Star Resort into Ski Season, 50% Off : While staying at a casino is not my idea of a good time, this is a super great rate for Lake Tahoe in season.  Just make sure you don’t spend what you would have paid for a nicer room in the lobby slots!

UK Edition:

Christmas Market Deals : Apparently the trend of putting Christmas decorations in stores at the same time as Halloween decorations is not limited to the US.  At least I don’t have to listen to recordings of “Santa Baby” that are 15 years old.  Anyhow, Christmas markets are a big deal here and apparently in the rest of Europe too.  Check here for a city you’re interested in visiting.

£19.99 — 5-Day German Flight Sale, 5000 Seats (Each Way) : What a great price, and it includes a city near me.  Hooray!  I need to see if this deal also works in reverse.

£130 — Drive all 4: Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari & Subaru : My inner wanna-be-a-movie-stunt-woman loves this deal.  While I think it is pretty pricey for only three laps in each car, it still makes for great daydreams, right?

Germany Edition:

from 9,99 € – Only until Monday for Europe to 60% OFF : Act fast and get a great deal.  Unfortunately, Praha is not listed.  Bummer!

299 € – short trip to Iceland, rather than 400 € : Enticing, indeed!  But always read the fine print.  The hotel is 25 mins from the city center, and training in to Frankfurt will cost 45 € per person each way.  Still, how sweet would it be to go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights?!

€ 3999 – Ultimate Luxury Travel Thailand & Emirates, € -1,300 : Hahahaha!  Wow.  I have never seen anything even close to this pricey on Travelzoo.  Ever.  I’ve been using this site for several years now.  Put this one down on your dream list for Christmas.  Business class flights on Emirates.  On the A380 even!  Accommodations at Banyan Tree.  Private airport transfers in a limo.  Oh yes, and a limo will pick you up within 40km of the airport and take you home after you return.  Whoa.


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