Essential German Toys: The Bobby Car

Weeks and heaps of days ago, I showed you T-Rex’s crazy cool PUKY bike.  Today, I’d like to introduce to you… drumroll please… the Bobby Car!

My first friend here owns two of these things: one for inside and one for outside.  And before you scrunch up your nose and scowl and say, why in the junk would you need one of those?  Think about this un momento por favor.  How do you teach a child to steer?

Yes, hmmm that is a problem.  I can personally attest that the classic shout & point method is utterly hopeless.  A two year-old has absolutely no idea what “turn” means, let alone left, right, that way, no this way, stop, be quiet, and go to sleep.  Solution?  Okay, a Bobby Car is not a bona fide prescription for success, but it does help.

Get your 1+ year-old a pair o’ these wheels, and let them figure it out in the comfort of your own hall, kitchen, living room, parlor, and ballroom.  The wheels are non-marking.  Well, provided you keep your inside Bobby Car inside and your outside Bobby Car outside.  In other words, if marks on the floor is an issue for you, don’t use this item to teach independence and responsibility.

I like this thingamabob because both boys play with it, and it doubles as a walker.  I’m all about things being multi-purpose especially when you don’t have a lot of storage space.  Screech is doing great at walking now but his chub needs a bit of help sometimes.  So he pushes Bobby around the ballroom, er I mean the hallway.

This is what a Bobby Car is supposed to look like:


This is what ours looks like:

That’s because a new one costs 50 euro, and I paid less than 3 euro.  Less than 3 you say?  That’s a bit vague for someone who’s rather exact about her money especially when it comes to saving it.  Ahhh, well, that’s the beauty of the flohmarkt.  I offered the hawker all the coins I had in my wallet.  He wanted 5, I paid about 2.83.  Rock on, thriftytravelmama.

So although it is old and faded and the stickers have half jumped ship, neither boy knows this.  And, by the time they do, they’ll be too old for it anyway.  But if you’re a little bit crazy or a little bit snotty (or both – I won’t tell), you can purchase the Bobby Car Benz.  Bling sold separately.

Would you buy a Bobby Car for your Bobby?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Essential German Toys: The Bobby Car

  1. Hi!! Enjoying reading your website and adventures in Germany. I am surprised how many similarities there is to Estonia. We have the same kind of playgrounds. Always always sand! Messy sand. And same playground equipment. And same rubber pants. 🙂

    And this Bobby car was Kai’s absolute favorite thing as a toddler/preschooler!

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