Marvel: The real,- Deal

Since giving you the real,- sweet tour weeks and week ago, I have discovered something.  This store has a REWARDS card!! After seeing an anonymous customer present the annoyed cashier with such a thing, I snuck over to the customer service desk (also a rarity in this country), found a packet with a new card in it, and dashed away.

I see a lot of deal-refueling milkshakes in my future.

In the company of Google Translate, I registered my card.  I have not totally unlocked all the secrets of how to obtain and redeem points.  But I am super excited to have one of these in my hot little hands.

Not only does real,- have a rewards card, they also have little sticker points.  One oh-so-gracious English-speaking cashier explained that you collect them, stick them on a designated paper, and redeem them for tens of euros off certain items.  Well, howdy, hook me up with one of those, pardner!

The sticker sheet.

Twenty three packages of cheddar cheese (for Doc Sci), thirteen quarts of organic goats milk (for Screech), seven and a half kilos of brown sugar (for me), fifty party balloons (for T-Rex), four tubes of food coloring, two toothbrushes, and one severely overpriced package of tortillas later, I had enough points.

Doc Sci and I had an almost-presidential debate about which item to choose.  Ten options were presented, but only two were contenders.  The toaster and the stabmixer.  He fought tooth and nail for the former.  You’d think that toaster was made of peanut butter, his favorite substance on the planet.  But in the end, the stabmixer won out.  It was FORTY euros off, came with accessories (cha ching!), and definitely had more uses than the lonely but lovely toaster.

Happy real,- deal to me!

But because I like a peaceful home, I am collecting more points for his toaster.  Shhhhh, don’t tell.  It will be our secret.  Now if you’ll excuse me, this new thingy has a shimmy shake milk shake to make (for me).

Did you get a great deal this week?  Grocery game and drugstore deal shoppers – I want to hear your cheap, free, and more-than-free finds!

4 thoughts on “Marvel: The real,- Deal

  1. Thanks to your help I am now saving more than ever! I cant even count how many things I got for free, I can only say my pantry is full beyond belief 🙂 I think we have enough pasta, sauces, rice, beans, crackers and oatmeal to last through the winter 🙂
    I also have a huge box full of deodorants/body wash/toothpaste etc. I think unless its totally free, I will slow down on buying those for a while 🙂

    So again, thank you so much!

    PS. Still waiting for some special on Magic Eraser but Reeses peanut butter cups are in the box ready to go to Germany! Ill wait a bit longer but will be shipping soon 🙂

    • Mmmmmm have some free rice and beans for me! I LOVE that you are saving so much!! Can’t wait to get the house MAGIC clean and then reward myself with some PB cups. Way to go on filling up your house with free stuff Zhenya!

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