Travelzoo Wednesday

Wednesday is list day – Travelzoo Top 20 List, among other things.  I actually had a list going yesterday of a million and one not-so-smooth moves, downright dumb stuff I found myself doing.  Only I didn’t write them down.  So now I can’t remember the million.  But I can remember one.

T-Rex is starting to go to gymnastics on Tuesdays.  Before you get all giggly about men in tights, this isn’t really gymnastics.  It’s more like Coordination for Preschoolers.  It’s fun for both boys and great for me.  Except for the bike ride back.  Pedestrians galore, mad gobs of traffic, and uphill the whole stinkin’ way.  It’s brutal.

Back to the dumb thing… I didn’t check my phone.  If I had done that, I would have seen a text from my friend that the teacher was sick and therefore no gymnastics today.  But I didn’t.  Because I was in a hurry.  I’m usually in a hurry.

But voila!  My stupidity turned to opportunity.  God gave me a little miracle outside the closed door of the gym.  I met an American mama.. from Texas.. with two girls.. the same ages (within weeks) of my boys.. who lives 5 mins from me.  Wowie.  I would say that’s worth the sweaty ride home.

p.s. – I also got a sweet deal on flights to Praha.. for the exact dates I wanted.. and a flat.. for the same exact dates I wanted..  That made up for the remaining million.

Top 20 Picks – US Edition

Ireland Luxury Getaway: Four Seasons Hotel incl. Air : Warning.  This week’s edition has lots of dream trips.  Not too much in the way of practical, low-budget stuff.  I’m sorry.  I don’t make the list.  But I do make Christmas lists – still!  And you should too.  Put one or two or more of these on there.  I love Dublin.  If you haven’t been, it’s a great place to start.  And who could go wrong with the Four Seasons?

India 3-City Vacation incl. Tours & Airfare : I think this price is probably pretty good considering airfare alone can be $1,000 or more.  But, the trip is only one week.  If I went to India from the US, I’d probably make it at least 10 days, if not 2 weeks.

Dubai Vacation incl. 5-Star Hotel & Nonstop Air : Mmmmm, Dubai.  On Emirates.  With 5-star accommodations.  Sign me up.  Now.

Top 20 Picks – UK Edition

Lapland Adventure w/Santa & Snowmobiles, Save £470 : Do you know where Lapland is?  I only happen to because of The Snow Queen.  This deal sounds like a dream come true for kids who (1) know who Santa is, (2) know what snow is, and (3) like both.  Mine don’t qualify.  Yet.

Fly Around the World with 4 Stops : Do you have a bucket list?  I don’t yet.  But I want to make one.  And flying around the world is going to be in the top 10.  This deal starts and ends in London, so it only makes sense for those in the UK.

Croatian Island-Hopping Cruise inc Tours, £320 Off : I did mention that it is Christmas List Dream Trip week, didn’t I?  Croatia is on my Top 10 want-to-visit-while-I-live-in-Germany list.  I heart Eastern Europe.  But I am not big on sailing.  Even with motors.  And I don’t live near Gatwick.  Boo.

Top 20 Picks – Germany Edition

€ 29-39 – Advent tickets for train travel to Paris : Oooo, tempting!  This is a super price.  But we are hosting Thanksgiving, a party for T-Rex’s 3rd birthday, and going to Prague.  Hey, deal makers, how about something for January?

from 495 € – Flights: Africa, Asia and Mauritius, to 360 € OFF : I told you it was dream week – “”Dream Deal” is called the current special for Emirates flights to Africa, Asia and Mauritius. Dreams come true in fact at these prices.”  And on Emirates no less.  But I love my boys more than I love to travel so until they both have all their immunizations, I won’t be going to Africa or Asia.  Sigh.

139 / 159 € – City Trip Budapest in a 4 *- hotel from Stuttg. & MUC : Finally!  A do-able, affordable deal!  I usually never do package deals because they have the tendency to charge the wee ones the same price as adults which is utter hogwash.  I sent an email to the company (in English – ha) to see what they have to say.  Goulash, here I come!


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