Random Facts Friday

I have eight and a half minutes to write this post.  As such, I cannot add any pictures or witty remarks.  I have been all over today, literally, mentally, etc.  So, have a taste of the randomness of my life and then get on with your weekend.  Nobody really does any work after noon on Fridays, right?

1. Germans do not cancel events when it rains.  Even when an available, dry, warm, comfortable building is available.  Nope, rain is no problemo.

2. It is not considered sudden danger to allow your almost three year-old to carry a real, lit candle around with him for 30 or more minutes.  Somehow kids do not get singed and nearby items do not spontaneously combust.  (I will post more about this next week.)

3. The warmest place in my kitchen is right next to the fridge.  The fridge is next to the sink.  The only place to put the garbage can (if you can call it that), is under the sink.  Thus, we awake to the smell of warmed garbage every morning.  Mmmmm, pancakes with a side of last night’s fajita guts.

4. We have no screens in our windows.  Our windows swing completely open.  We live on the 7th floor.  I generally refrain from opening said windows in order to avoid the feelings of sheer terror that accompany the mixture of small children and cool fall breezes.

5. Tissue paper is not sold in drug stores or card stores or grocery stores.  It can only be found in art stores.  Thus, people wrap gifts with paper instead of tossing them in a bag with tissue paper.

6. I finally met a neighbor.  She is from Israel and has two small girls.  And she speaks English.  I like this neighbor.

7. I grocery shop about 5 times per week.  I hate that.  The problem is that there are three main grocery stores.  All sell similar products, but not every store sells every product.  Thus, I go to one store for lactose-free milk, another store for the best chocolate müsli, and another store for ground turkey.

8. Screech is going through a growth spurt.  He slept almost 5 hrs in naps yesterday plus his 11hrs at night.

9.  I am not going through a growth spurt.  I slept only 6 hours last night.

10. I love amazon.de.  They have English books, free shipping, and you can do a bank transfer to pay for your items. I just added a Chipotle burrito with free super saver shipping to my cart.

11. I might give my left thumb for a dust buster.  Seriously thinking about it.

12. We have a “second hand boutique” on the first floor of our building.  It’s like a thrift store where everything is free.  Leave stuff, take stuff.  Last night, we brought home an easel for the boys.  And a TV.

13. Doc Sci and I went on a date last night.  Nothing here is open after 8pm except the ice cream parlor and the train station.  So we sat in the train station eating the darkest dark chocolate ice cream I have ever had. The servers were kind of snotty, and I found out later that the place is rumored to be run by the mob.  Needless to say, we won’t be going there again.

14. The fall leaves are all gone here.  Except for the one I picked up on the street yesterday.  It was bigger than a dinner plate.

15. In my house, “please stop licking my sweater” is an acceptable form of conversation at the dinner table.

Time’s up!  My second playdate of the day is here.  Now it’s your turn.  Leave a comment with your random Friday Facts.

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