Marvel: Spaghetti Ice Cream

At the snobby mob ice cream parlor last Friday, I saw spaghetti ice cream on the menu.  Weird.  I think it is totally weird.  And a little gross.  Maybe you will think it is delicious.  You probably will have to go to Germany to taste it or make it yourself.  But first, what in the world is it?

A spaghettieis sign in Meersburg.

According to our know-it-all Wikipedia, this creation is 100% German.  You take vanilla (or other light-colored ice cream) and run it through a potato ricer.  Wait, what the junk is a potato ricer?

I first heard of such a contraption when I attempted (sort of successfully) to make gnocchi earlier this year.  I was not about to give Williams Sonoma $32 in exchange for this thingamajigit (I improvised and used something else, though I can’t for the life of me remember what).  There are much more interesting things to get for $32.  Like train tickets.  And crockpots.

So, you press the ice cream through this ricer, top with strawberry sauce, and sprinkle with coconut or white chocolate shavings.  Voila!  Spaghetti ice cream (spaghettieis).  I just can’t get the taste of tomato out of my head when looking at this thing.  And tomato + vanilla = gag reflex.

What do you think of this invention?  Yum or yuck?  Will Williams Sonoma rob you of $32 to try this?

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