Travelzoo Wednesday

This is gonna be a short one folks.  T-Rex likes to go all out so he snagged himself an ear infection, pink eye, and croup.  Screech decided now was a good time to get another tooth so he’s feverish and mopping the floor with his drool.  Doc Sci is going on an all-day business trip tomorrow.  Whew!  I’m tired just typing that.

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

NYC Shows on Sale, incl. Thanksgiving Week : Did you know Travelzoo has deals on event tickets?  Yes, ma’am!  I would very much like to see Mary Poppins or A Little Night Music.  Too bad I am not anywhere near NY!  But if you are, you should go.  NY at Thanksgiving/Christmas time is magical.

10,000 Bus Tickets from 10 Cities to D.C. : In the US, I think bus travel is, well, kinda lame.  In Europe, it’s a fact of life.  But if you don’t have kiddos and want to save on gas, what a great deal this is!  If you do have kids, free is not enough to coerce you to travel four (or more) hours in a moving jail cell with a 2’x2′ potty that will most likely be backed up, covered in the dirty ickies, and sans changing table.

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

Ski Bulgaria over Christmas & Save £270 : Bulgaria, I’ve got a date with you.  Only it’s for next July.  Maybe someday I’ll meet you in winter.  Thanks for the deal.  Love, Thrifty Travel Mama.

New Routes: Hanover & Nuremberg from London (Rtn) : Hey!  I might get to London yet!  A €86 round-trip fare from Germany to the UK is spectacular.  And 20kg of checked luggage is included.  If you don’t live over here, you should know that checked luggage is a luxury, not a right.  Fight, America, you’re slowly losing your rights to free baggage!

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

79 € – short vacation in the Bavarian Forest with All Inclusive : I got an email this week from a friend in Russia who wants to go on a ski vacation in January – I’ll be sending this to her for sure!  If it works out, maybe we will join her.  Maybe she’ll babysit for us once or twice in exchange for such a great deal.  Hmmmm…

from 192 € – Barcelona City Break into 4 *- hotel on the sea : We almost went to Barcelona this month.  I got a little spooked reading reviews from lots of hotels about muggings.  Though I’m now convinced this trip can be done safely, I’m glad I didn’t book.  Our Aussie friends want to go too so we’re going to see if we can vacation together.  Safety in numbers, eh mate?

Find anything good this week in the Top 20?  Let’s hear it!


One thought on “Travelzoo Wednesday

  1. Wow, I am so sorry 😦 Hope they both feel better soon!!!
    We went to the 6 months check up, turns out Andrew is in 15th percentile for weight and hardly gained any weight. But in 85th for height. So we have a tall thin baby 🙂 who is not interested in eating much of anything except for milk. Oh well, we’ll keep trying 🙂
    Hope you’ll have some easier days soon!

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