Wanted: Mucho Comida Mexicana

Remember waaaaay way back when I asked for some salsa recipes?  Well, my Albanian friend living in Korea sent this American living in Germany one that she has used before.  I meant to make it eons ago, but the whole pay mixup really put a damper on my plans to eat anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary.  (Now, it’s possible to start an argument here about how salsa IS absolutely necessary, but we’ll save that for another time, k? K!)

Unfortunately, Doc Sci wasn’t entirely impressed.  Sorry, sweetness, I will try again.  Part of the problem is, well, the lack of ingredients.  I’m used to living in Florida which means there HAS to be a Hispanic section at the grocery store or you will have like, oh, no business.  In Germany, eh, not so much.  Tomatoes?  Check.  Bell pepper? Check.  Lime, onion, garlic, olive oil?  Check and double check.  But chili powder is rare.  Jalapenos and ancho chiles are about as easy to find as a jackalope.

6 roma tomatoes, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
2 seeded and minced jalapenos, plus 2 roasted, skinned and chopped jalapenos
1 red bell pepper, fine dice
1/2 red onion, fine chopped
2 dry ancho chiles, seeded, cut into short strips and snipped into pieces
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 lime juiced
chili powder, salt and pepper, to taste
fresh scallions, cilantro or parsley to taste

In a bowl, combine all ingredients. Place in refrigerator for up to 12 hours for flavor infusion.

I was, however, determined to make this recipe.  My little corner store had some Mexican-looking chiles.  Afraid of singed tongues, I only bought one. Good thing too.  That little tamale was spiiiiiiicy!  T-Rex loves salsa too.  Doc Sci loves giving T-Rex hot salsa and watching him furiously fan his tongue.  I would say that’s kinda mean but T-Rex asks for more.  If I see flames coming from the boy’s mouth though, I might need to put my foot down.  Or get a fire extinguisher.  Or just sit back and watch the show.  No really, I wouldn’t do that.  Well, probably not.

I ended up roasting the mystery chile as well as the bell pepper and one tomato.  Just because.  You see, I have serious difficulty following a recipe exactly.  And therefore, I think it’s safe to say you’re probably  never going to find any fancy schmancy French souffle recipes on Thrifty Travel Mama.

In the end, I don’t think the problem was the recipe.  I think the problem was that I am really good at EATING chips & salsa but not so hot at MAKING them.  But practice makes perfect, right?

So if you’re coming to visit me, leave some room in that checked luggage for the good stuff.  If you’re not coming to visit, leave a comment with another recipe.  We’re gonna get back on the horse and giddyup to a better taco night.


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