Be Thankful

Have you been biting your nails waiting for today’s post?  You have, haven’t you?  No, no, it’s not that I think so highly of myself.  It’s that I know you are completely and totally bored at work.  Zipp-o work gets done the week of Thanksgiving though companies and schools still insist on being in session.  It’s the dread of bosses and teachers and teachers’ bosses everywhere.

The Jackson Pollack behind the text is destined to be chopped up into a tree trunk. So sad - that thing rocks. I'm totally impressed with my little boy's art skills.

But remember, it is THANKSgiving week – and so we should be thankful.  Yes, and I do mean thankful for those bosses and teachers… And firefighters and nurses and gas station attendants and sweet old grocery cashiers that work holidays. (Because p.s. – no one works holidays in Germany!)

I don’t normally get all Martha Stewart on you with home decorating, egg-white frothing, and crème brûlée torching tips.  But I might.  Just this once.  Just this week.  And then you’ll forgive me and come back and read some more.  Why?  Because other peoples’ lives can be just so darn entertaining.  Hello, this is how reality TV has made executive millionaires more and more millions.

Here’s the skinny on my T-Day…

– No one has Thursday off – we are eating on Saturday.

– This is going to be a multi-cultural affair.  You already know we’re friends with people from five continents.  But can you guess where my turkey is from?  How about the sweet potatoes?

– Five of our guests have never eaten a Thanksgiving dinner before.

– I am cooking (almost) everything from scratch.  I’m picking one major component to cheat on – I will either be totally impressed or totally freaked out that you are stalking me if you can correctly guess what it is.

– Using verrry scientific methods, I have determined that my balcony is actually colder than my fridge.  Bonus – I now have TONS of pie storage space.

– Because of my limited resources (time, euros, responsible helping hands, oven/fridge/counter space), I’ll be doing a little bit each day.  I have a detailed plan that would make Monica‘s heart skip a beat.

Today’s task?  Decorating.  Keep in mind I have no Hallmark, no Target.  But, I do have some paint, brushes, and paper from IKEA.  Add an adventurous, artistic two year-old and you’ve got magic better than Martha.  My walls are institutional white so T-Rex and I have been working on a kind of mural.  I can’t show you the finished product because I need tall man help.  My tall man is not here tonight so this short mama is going to bed early.  You would too if you knew all the work you had coming up this week.  And if your beloved T-Rex gave you his pink-eye.  Sigh.  Night night.

Tomorrow’s task?  Finish grocery shopping.  Find pecans.  And make ice.  Nine cubes at a time.  In a tray.  Yeah, yeah, I know, good luck with that.


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