Dashboard Confessional: I’m a Turkey Newb

One of T-Rex’s kindergarten teachers actually used the phrase, “talk turkey.”  Only she meant “speak Turkish” not “talk a bunch of nonsense that no one understands.”  They actually might be the same, depending on where you are from.

Our French turkey - oooh la la!

So today I’m telling you a much, much bigger secret.  It’s a good thing my friends in Germany don’t read my blog.  At least I don’t think they do.  Yet.  I have never cooked a turkey before.  Nope.  Never.  Not once.  In fact, most of what I’m making this Thanksgiving, I have never made before.

The proposed dinner menu…

Turkey – 12lbs – from France

Stuffing – two boxes of Stovetop – from a reeeeeally good friend in the US

Gravy – two packets from above friend and one from my mom

Green Bean Casserole – no cream o’mushroom – from scratch – except for French’s onions from US

Sweet Potato Casserole – at 3 euro/kilo, it gives “rich flavor” a whole new meaning – from Israel

Corn – from Aldi – super duper fancy – youbetcha

Cranberry Sauce – from scratch, maybe in the crockpot – berries imported from the US

Guests will be bringing: mashed potatoes, creamed onions, bread, a green salad, and more!

Okay so I’m cheating on the stuffing and the gravy – judge me.  I dare you.

I think there might be more ingredients in this box than in all the rest of the dishes combined.

I think the Germans/South Africans are more excited about the casseroles than I am.  I have never made or eaten a green bean casserole.  Sweet potatoes are usually savory for me – so it’s gonna be weird to sugar them up and go nutty with the marshmallows (also from above friend – she’s a keeper for sure).  I let these crazy Germans do what they do best – potatoes, onions, and bread.

Cooking for me starts tomorrow!  I’ll be making the cranberry sauce, baking the pumpkin (for the pie), and toasting pecans (IF I can find them – they have disappeared from Aldi and everywhere else I have tried).  I know, I know, I didn’t mention any desserts above.  That’s tomorrow – stay tuned!

A pumpkin for my pie - and sweet potatoes destined to be sweeter than pie.

What are you making?  How many are you cooking for?  Do you have any tips for me?  I kinda, sorta, well, really hope you have some!

p.s. – I realized today that we actually have friends from six continents here – a very blonde white dude from Ecuador is in our small group.  Now if I could just meet someone – or even a penguin – from Antarctica – that would be so, well, cool.

3 thoughts on “Dashboard Confessional: I’m a Turkey Newb

  1. I am not making Thanksgiving dinner this year, heck, I didnt even know what Thanksgiving dinner was 7 years ago 🙂 I’ve made turkey twice before and if you follow the temperature/timing it should turn out fine. I really dont know how to screw up turkey 🙂 I am sure you’ll do a great job!!!!
    I just made cranberry sauce – 12 oz cranberries, 1 cup of sugar (I found its a bit too much for me), 3/4 -1 cup of orange juice – cooked for 10-15 minutes or until cranberries pop = delicious!

    Other than that I am not a lot of help 🙂 It will be a lot of cooking for you, but just think about it – you’ve already made so many friends and I am sure they will all be impressed with your dinner!!!

    I am thankful for having you as my friend! Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great time!

    • Zhenya – I made this same cranberry sauce! And yes it was too sweet for me too. I really liked the cranberries popping – like popcorn only more fun because you get to smash them up. Hope your little man had a great first Thanksgiving!

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