Runaway Turkey Day

I know, I know.  Thanksgiving is, like, um, sooo last week.  Your leftovers are all gone.  Mine are just beginning.

The Thankful Tree, by T-Rex.  Okay, I painted the text.  but he painted the rest.

So many apologies for falling off the face of the planet last week.  I totally did.  It’s a good thing I have to get out of the house every day to pick T-Rex up from school.  If not, I might not have seen the light of day for like, uh, days.

Sing it with me, "one of these things is not like the others.."

I’ve said it before.  I’ll say it again.  Everything here takes much, much longer.  Cranberry sauce – pop it out of a can?  No, cook it from the actual cranberries.  Pumpkin pie – bust the pre-made stuff out of a can into a Pillsbury crust?  Nope.  Find, cook, and puree an actual pumpkin (p.s. – did you know that Libby’s is from a variety of butternut squash – not actual pumpkin?!).  Green bean casserole – slop some soup on some canned beans?  No way.   Not that I would do that anyway.  I am (unfortunately at times) one of those annoying, often ridiculous, over achievers.  Sheesh.

It’s important to mention that the actual hunt of each of these ingredients takes almost as long as the cooking.  I can’t tell you how many hours I logged on Google translate looking up things like “evaporated milk.”

I found pecans!! I only went to like 17 stores. You know where they were? Aldi. Like I thought. Doh!

BUT I would also like to say that my friends really loved the dinner.  The Aussies – five of them! – had never eaten Thanksgiving dinner.  “All we know is what you see in the movies.”  Now, that’s a scary thought.

And I have decided that I do not ever want to be a chef.  Or a caterer.  Nope.  Never.  This was my second mass meal in six months.  Never will I ever willingly sign myself up to churn out dish after delicious dish for gobs of people again.  Especially not in a kitchen that is the size of my old walk-in closet.  Uh uh.  Not gonna do it.

Pie crust - take 2! The first one melted in the oven. That'd be because I didn't look up the time and temp for blind baking. Instructions are for sissies. And serious bakers. And apparently for Americans who want their T-Day pies to actually be edible.

T-Rex’s tree came out stinkin’ fabulous.  And then I stumbled upon a tradition someone posted online – a thankful tree – after I assembled his creation.  Gotta love those serendipitous happenings.  It’s much more fun to write what you’re thankful for on some paper leaves and tape them to a toddler’s art project than just sit around and listen to everyone say “I’m thankful for my family.”  It’s akin to “world peace,” right Miss Congeniality?

Brining PHOEBE, the French turkey. Nothing makes me want to be a vegetarian more than a bloody, organ-filled caracass. Ugh.


After the turkey hoopla, we had some old-fashioned entertainment.  You know, the Jane Austen-ish parlor kind.  A guitar and some professional singers can go a long, long way in keeping guests entertained.

Oh yes, and six kids four and younger will do that too.  Just imagine what the neighbors thought when we pounded on the door begging to borrow a corkscrew with “MINE!!!!! No, it’s MINE!!!” in the background.  Oh man gracious.

After four of the six wee ones went to bed at our place, Doc Sci and I tried to rouse the multi-cultural crowd from their peanut butter pie-induced stupor into a Wii swordplay match.  No can do.  Those peeps were totally not impressed.  They wanted to play some old skool campfire games and then take their kiddos home before it started really snowing.

The first snow of the season!

Did I mentioned it snowed?  Oooo yeah – first snow on Thanksgiving (the American one) Day!  And now we live in a very wintery, very wonder-full land.  Auf wiedersehen, turkey day.  Hallo, Christmas!

How was your Thanksgiving?  Good eats?  Frozen turkeys?  Burned stuffing?


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