It’s like one big, giant Slurpee outside, only without the Coke yumness.  Do not debate whether Coke Slurpees are the best.  They just are.  That is, unless you happen to live in Texas, the land of Dr. Pepper Slurpees which absolutely rule the school.

The thermometer did a hop, skip, and jump up a few degrees – and by up I mean 38 degrees instead of 28 degrees – and now it is raining on the snow.  Super icky – I’d rather it be cold again thankyouverymuch.

This week is destined to be a doozy.  I’ve got a boy turning three, a potential last-minute trip to Cologne, and countdown to Praha.  Combine that with shoddy weather and I am very, very tired.

Nope, that's not Santa behind bars. That's T-Rex getting the first glimpse of St. Nikolaus!

But!  We saw St. Nikolaus!  Germany is so organized.  They posted when and where St. Nick would be.  Gotta love that.

St. Nikolaus commeth!

This St. Nikolaus is totally different than the Sears Santa Claus of America.  First, he looks more like a priest (shhhhh actually he IS a priest – I recognized him from T-Rex’s kindergarten).  Second, German kids don’t mess around with lap sitting and list making.  St. Nick better bring his bag of treats.  Or else!

This St. Nick gives speeches. Props to his PR girl.

After St. Nick-the-priest gave a little speech and had everyone sing a song, it was a mad dash to the chocolate Santas.  St. Nick is also very green and provided oranges for the crunchy moms and kids in the group.  But who wants an orange?  BO-ring.  I can get those at Aldi.  We want chocolate!  (I also can get that at Aldi, but it somehow seems different when it is from the bearded man himself.)

Chocolate Santa or orange?

Then, to prove this St. Nikolaus was the coolest Santa on the world block, he paraded all the children over to a Christmas market carnival ride and paid for a round.  What a jolly ol’ chap!

Sorry for the horrible picture - this ride was crazy fast and I didn't have the "good" camera with me.

He then bid all the children, “bis morgen” (see you in the morning).  You see, this man-in-the-red-suit does the stockings first.  Presents come later.  How’s that for German efficiency?  Distribute the work evenly – stockings with St. Nikolaus on December 6 and presents with der Weihnachtsmann (Father Christmas) on Christmas Day.  Genius.  Really.

p.s. – How is it that children KNOW what a chocolate Santa is?  As soon as T-Rex got that foil-wrapped treat in his hand, he asked if he could eat it.  I was curious, “How do you know you can eat it?  Do you even know what it is?”

“It’s chockwitt, Mama.”

Seriously, this kind of pre-programmed knowledge kind of disturbs me.

Happy St. Nikolaus Day to you!  How are you celebrating?


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