T-Rex Goes Swimming

T-Rex has a birthday coming up.  To celebrate, we decided to take the boys swimming.  In the snow.  Yep, we are cruel, I mean cool, parents.

Swimming in the snow.

It costs €3,70 per adult to swim.  Kids are free.  I haven’t done all the math, but I’m pretty sure you could make money in Germany by having a kid.  That’s just a side note.

And here’s another side note.  You cannot take your stroller in to the changing rooms.  If you try, you will set off some seriously loud, totally embarrassing alarms.  These alarms will bring all sorts of official looking pool people running.  Germans do not set off alarms.  Only first-timers.  And definitely only Americans.

Back to the pool…

Doc Sci and I were sweating over how we were going to change one boy each plus ourselves in a bathroom without touching the floor.  That should be some kind of reality show where the parent who pulls this off without pulling their hair out gets a million dollars.  Or an afternoon off.  Same thing, practically.

T-Rex the rockstar - his off-the-street look.

But, to our utter delight, this place had family changing rooms.  Now, if they could only remove the baby-magnets, a.k.a. the trash cans full of dirty nappies…

Speaking of nappies, Screech was trying to find his. It went missing behind the boulder of a tummy he's got. Or maybe he's staring at his sandals? He hasn't worn a pair in months, definitely not since he started walking.

This particular pool-plex had five, yes FIVE, pools.  All indoors.  One pool with three diving boards.  Another pool with lanes for those with super lungs to swim laps.  One shallow pool for games of volleyball, Marco Polo, etc.  Two pools exclusively for kids, one about 12″ deep, the other about 24″ deep.  Everything was super clean, and (almost) everyone was clothed.

Water pumps everywhere!

I think this was one of our best days in Germany so far.  All boys and parents had a splendid time.  Cheap-o me even thought the €3,70 fee was worth it.  Totally worth it.

When everyone was raisin-y wrinkly, we piled on the 6,793 layers of clothing and headed back to reality.  Back to the snow.  Back home for a long winter’s nap.


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