Travelzoo Wednesday

We were invited to celebrate the last candle of Hanukkah today with our Israeli neighbors.  Now T-Rex is shouting, “Happy Hanukkah!!” over and over again.  He wanted to know where the cake was.  In his little world, candles mean cake.   Lots of sleep-depriving, sugar-high-inducing cake.  Sorry, little fella.  No cake.  Just donuts.  I’m not quite sure what’s worse.

Top 20 – US Edition

Caribbean All-Inclusive Beach Resort at 90% Off : I’m not very beachy, but I think I could get used to this… “Guests get VIP status with access to a private beach area where waiters deliver top-shelf drinks to guests lounging in sun beds or soaking in Jacuzzis.”  Book by Dec. 10.

Dublin Fare from Orlando; 2nd Person Flies for $119 : Listen up Florida folk!  What a deal to fly nonstop to Dublin.  And, I can’t even remember the last time I saw a companion fare deal.  I must have been like 12 or something.  If you want in on this, you’d better hurry.  Book by tomorrow (Dec. 9).

Ireland in Spring: 6 Nights in Castles, from Orlando : If you’re more of a package deal kinda gal (or guy), try this one.  It includes a rental car (extra for automatic) which is important in Ireland.  I thought Ireland was a relaxed, family-friendly destination.  You should too.

Disney World Family Package w/Passes & Meals for 4 : Maybe you’re more of a stay-at-home kind.  This seems like an excellent deal, but I can’t tell you that for sure from personal experience.  I love that this includes food – but you’ll have to get to Orlando on your own.

Top 20 – UK Edition

Portugal: Ritz-Carlton’s Hotel in Sintra, Half Price : This is the day for surprises, for sure.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a two-digit number next to the words “Ritz-Carlton.”  Now, if I could only figure out if there was anything to do 25 mins from Lisbon.  Well, other than hang out in the spa, that is.  Thrifty Travel Mama’s don’t go to spas unless they get a deal!

Europe on a Shoestring: 7 Countries in 12 Days : This is not a deal for mamas or daddys traveling with kids.  This probably isn’t even a deal for mamas traveling without kids.  It’s an I-wish-I-were-still-24-again or a this-is-the-only-time-I-will-ever-be-in-Europe-deal.  It makes me tired just looking at it.  But, it might be for you.  No judgment.  No worries.

Top 20 – Germany Edition

29 € – Fish Pedicure & Foot Care in Berlin, -57% : Travelzoo exposes me to things I wouldn’t ordinarily know exist.  Here we have a prime example.  This is totally creepy.  You stick your feet in an aquarium where small fish eat away at the dead skin cells on your feet.  Gag.  Gross.

from 339 € – Greece in the 4.5 *- Hotel & half board : One reason I check the different Travelzoo editions is because the deals are totally different.  You don’t find deals in the US Edition that include meals.  Like, um, ever.  So if you are going to Europe and want to get some meals included, don’t use the US site.

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