Trip Report: Prague

Did you hear the one about the ginormous snowstorm that brought most of European air and auto travel to a crawl?  Nope, it’s not a tall tale.  It happened just last week.  Lucky for us, we managed to make it home on schedule.  Kind of.

Our flight was fine, luggage okay, but the bus driver wanted to make some money so he waited 30 minutes for other flights and passengers to arrive.  I want to know what kind of euros these people were slipping him because he even made unscheduled stops along the way just for them.  This not speaking German thing is really getting in the way…

I think those trip reports that give you the and-then-we-went-here-and-did-this lowdown are, well, um, boring.  So, I’m not going to give you that.  If that’s what you were hoping for, you can request a refund.  In writing.  Triplicate please.  And allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Instead, I’ll give you the skinny today, the high fives and low blows of the trip.  I’ve also got posts planned on whether Prague is kid-friendly, a review of the apartment we stayed in, and the rundown of a day trip to Karlovy Vary.  Any other questions/requests/etc, leave a comment.  No need for triplicate.  Or a 6-8 week wait.

High Fives

The views.  Prague has some of the most beautiful architecture I have seen in a long time.  I’m nearing the burn-out stage of visiting Europe.  Every city has old buildings, monuments, museums, and H&M.  Unfortunately, not much seems to be unique anymore.  But Praha, well, at least they still have a few things going for them.

On the way down from Petrin Hill.

This reminds me of Maleficent's castle in Sleeping Beauty. And, yeah, I totally had to look up her name.

The food.  I had heard food was cheap in Prague.  Well, I think food can be cheap anywhere.  It really depends on your skill to find it and your personal tastes.  As for us, we extra-large-puffy-heart LOVE Mexican.  It’s impossible to get it in our city in a restaurant.  We hit up Banditos twice – and everyone ate for under 10 euros.  Total.  I wonder if they ship to Germany…

Tacos & nachos.. gone in 60 seconds.

Christmas concert.  The Old Town Square had a stage set up with live music/entertainment every day.  Unfortunately, we only made it one of the afternoon sets.  T-Rex loved watching the kids sing and play small percussion instruments.  I could only tear him away by tempting him with pizza.  Two pies later, we returned for the last show of the evening.  It turned out to be a young rock-ish band of whipper snappers that spoke English.  They cranked out Christmas tunes on their electric guitars.  It sounds lame but we were all bobbing our heads and jumping around.

Rockin' (next to) the Christmas tree.

Open on Sunday – and past 7pm.  I’d gotten used to having everything except the Turkish kebab shops closed on Sunday.  Everything – shops, grocery stores, attractions, etc. was open!  Even if you go out on weekday evenings here, stores close at 7pm (at the latest 8pm) – except grocery stores which close at 9pm or 10pm.  Yep, I’m American and sometimes I just want to go to Target late at night.

The snow.  T-Rex would not touch the stuff when it first came to our city on Thanksgiving Day.  In Praha, he found a new friend.  A fluffy, frosty one.  He wanted to throw it, eat it, and be buried in it.

Walking in a winter wonderland.

Low Blows

The snow.  I know I said this was a highlight – for the boys.  It snowed more than I have seen in a really, really, REALLY long time.  The Czech Republic does not clear the snow as well as Germany.  We slipped, slid, and sloshed our way everywhere.  And pushing a pram?  Oh man gracious.  Doc Sci and I would have liked very much to have go-go-gadget sled mode on that thing.  Imagine pushing a pram through dunes on the beach.  Only your fingers are about to fall off, your toes are frost-bitten, and your face is stiff plastic from the wind.  Dear Santa, I would like to go to the Seychelles for Christmas, please.  Thanks.

Standing shin deep in powder.

Finding a potty, and then paying to use it.  More to come on this one in a later post!

Tourists, tourists, everywhere.  Despite the frigid conditions, Prague was packed.  We decided to see the Charles Bridge at night before we left.  Forget that, folks.  One could barely squeeze through the crowd.  And the rip-off scams were as plentiful as the cheesy touristy restaurants.

Just in case you weren't sure...

Let's make it real. simple.

The people.  I’m usually very forgiving when it comes to cultural differences.  I know that I’m the outsider and that means I’m usually wrong.  But.  Yanking money out of someone’s hand and throwing change at you is not nice.  In any culture.  Sorry.  I met some very nice Czech people.  But I also met some of the rudest people (Czech or otherwise) that I have in my travels in a long time.  Bummer.

Passport control.  No new stamps in our passports.  Grrrr!

Have you been to Prague?  Do you have your own high fives and low blows?  Leave a comment below.


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