Simple Pleasures: White Hot Chocolate

Happy I-want-to-lay-on-the-couch-and-do-nothing week!  How was your Christmas?  Did you eat too much?  Decorate more than Martha?  Allow the in-laws to buy too much for your kids?  Stress over wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows?  Or, dare I say it, travel too much?

You should make some hot chocolate.  Real chocolate.  Not from a powder.  Really.  You should.

Unless, of course, you have strep throat like me.  Or colds like my kids.  Then this might bump your sniffles up to snot rocket status.  Maybe that doesn’t bother you because you have a lifetime supply of tissues.  No worries.  I won’t tell anyone if you want to make this anyway.

Five Christmases ago, Doc Sci and I visited friends in Poland for Christmas.  The girls took us to E. Wedel, a famous Polish chocolate maker, to thaw out our frozen Florida feet.  It was here that we had our first taste of white hot chocolate.  Oh man gracious, it was good.  I-will-never-forget-it good.  Since then, I’ve been on a quest to find something similarly memorable.


This isn’t exactly it – but I’m afraid the reason is I’m not using cream.  That cup o’ calories was probably more than I consume in a week.  No wonder it was so good.

I looooosely used this recipe.  Doc Sci hates coffee, and we are vanilla extract-less.  I think you actually have to scrape the vanilla beans and make your own here.  Waaaay too much work.  And I don’t have a blender.  Like I said, looooosely.

Milk and Milka chocolate. We could stop here and it would be A-OK.

You need milk and chocolate.  Yep, that’s it.

Study the wrapper, and try to do the math to figure out just how much of the bar you need (3oz or 90g).  Hyperventilate a little (out of excitement or fat-aversion fear) when you realize you need almost the entire thing.

One bar. Serves two. Or one really thirsty mama.

Open it up and break off two tiny squares to put aside.  Or you can just use the whole bar.  New Year’s resolutions come after January 1, right?

The recipe states that the chocolate should be chopped.  I wondered if that was super crucial.  I chopped mine but broke up Doc Sci’s into the little pre-formed squares.  He had a little bit of chocolate reside at the bottom of the mug.  No biggie.  Next time I won’t be chopping.

Chopping optional. Lazy cooks rejoice!

Heat the milk until little bubbles form to show its hotness – no need to boil.  Put the chocolate in mugs and pour the hot milk over it.

Warning: do not attempt to pour milk and photograph at the same time.

Give one mug to your husband and have him stir while you casually bring up how you totally overspent at Christmas.  If he starts to look like a bull at Pamploma, bring out some leftover Christmas cookies to go with the hot chocolate.  Or oreos if you live in the US.  Sugar and chocolate make everything better.



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