Travelzoo Wednesday

It’s a cryin’ shame when you have to spend your travel money on doctor visits and horse-pill penicillin.  I’m now on round three and totally determined NOT to go the whole twelve rounds.  I’ve got countries to see and friends to visit.

Oh and German to learn.  That would really help things.  Things like trying to make an appointment to see a doctor.  Or  understanding what kind of crazy phrases your three year-old brings home.  Nothin’ like not knowing what your child is saying to make you feel old.  And dumb.  Dumb, da dumb dumb, duuuumb!

Have a trip coming up?  Don’t be dumb yourself.  Always check Travelzoo first!

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$89 & up Weekends on Sale at Marriotts Nationwide : On the surface, this may not seem like a great deal.  But, always dig down and look at the details.  Stay a weekend now, get a $100 voucher for later AND a $100 voucher toward round-trip airfare.  If you have Marriott reward points, then you’re really raking in a deal.

$599 Alaska 7-Night Cruise incl. $150 Credit : I’m no expert on cruises or on going to Alaska.  But this deal is half off, includes holiday travel, and beings/ends at the same port.  If you book by Friday, you will receive a $150 on-board credit.  Too bad this is pretty much halfway around the world from me!

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£47 Learn to Be a Spy, £52 Off :  Have you ever wanted to be a spy?  It’s been my secret career aspiration since I was 10 and read every Nancy Drew (and Hardy Boys!) book on the planet.  Unfortunately, it turns out that I’m a bit too rational and not daring enough.  But half a day of running around with a fake-bullet gun and eluding fake bad guys sounds like a good time to me.  Cannot be younger than 16 or older than 70 (!).  Travelzoo comes up with some of the coolest stuff.  Ha!

£53 Central Malaga Hotel w/Free Tapas, Half Price : Easyjet has advertisements all over my city for €25 flights to Malaga.  Before moving to Germany, I had never even heard of Malaga.  But, it’s in Spain (never been there), it’s warm (hoorah!), and now, it’s cheap.  Rock on!

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

from 89 € Half price: Worldwide Flight Sale from 10 Airports on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and from 446 €
Nonstop in 6 U.S. cities, 35% OFF »Lufthansa
: I’ve got a trip to the US a brewin’.  I now have four airlines to choose from with great sale fares.  Visitors – heads up – Spring is a great time to visit Germany!

from 551 € Corfu holiday in a family room with children’s discount : This may or may not be a good deal, depending on your style of travel.  Big bonus: kids get a separate bedroom attached to the parents room.  The deal includes flights and half board (breakfast and dinner).  There’s also mention of a kids’ club.  But note that you will still have to pay up to €299 for the first child and 25% of the adult price for an additional child.  But if you like one-stop travel shopping and laying around on the beach in Greece, well, then, this deal might just be for you.

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