Woulda Coulda Shoulda

I have had the best of intentions.  Really.  But man alive, I must be getting old.  I’m constantly forgetting my camera.  Or just forgetting to do things entirely.

I recently learned you can make your own BBQ sauce.  I’m in hog heaven!  I used to make pulled chicken and miss it intensely.  Can you miss food intensely?

I have managed to find an American branded bottle of BBQ sauce, but it is over 5 euros per teensy bottle.  No way man.  I’ll make my own.  Really, I will.  If I can remember to write it down.  And then do it.  That might be asking a lot.

I discovered an AMAZING salsa recipe to share with you, AND I actually made it.  But I didn’t take pictures.  This is, in part, because I totally expected it to bomb.  It did, in a rock-my-world-with-spicy-heat kinda way.  No fear, though.  I will definitely make it again.  And show you instead of just tell you this time.

Since we’re talking food… I made the most delicious, sugary, incredibly bad for you cinnamon rolls EVER.  But they’re not simple.  So they can’t be categorized as Simple Pleasures.  But I can make you drool.  And give you the recipe.  You should make these for Valentine’s Day.  You’re welcome.

I can't believe something this delicious came out of my kitchen. Absolutely dreamy.

It’s sale season in Europe, and I thought maybe I could tell you about that.  But who wants to hear about sales with no pictures?  And I thought it would be over by now, but it seems to be the never-ending Euro-retail sale.  Which is cool.  But tempting.  I can resist full price any day.  But on sale? clearance? 70% off?  I’m a sucker.  Lollipop grade.

We have beggars here in Germany the same as in the US.  Only here I can’t read their signs.  But I know something’s off when I see it.  Like a guy using a pony to beg.  And then finding another guy with the same sign and another pony in another part of town… also begging.  Huh.

I would like to know how this man got the pony into the middle of the pedestrian zone in my city.

Doc Sci says, "He rode the pony into down. Duh." My man knows lots about science, not so much about ponies.

This time I had my camera!  But – I thought maybe it was rude to photograph people who beg.  So I had to do it on the sly which means my rinky dink point-n-shoot didn’t get the greatest of shots.

I have decided.  This week I will do it.  I will be better.  Do better.  I will remember my camera!

What have you recently resolved to do?



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