Fasnachts Party!

Yesterday a pajama party, today (last Friday, oops!) a costume party!

All the children at T-Rex’s kindergarten got all gussied up for school today.  I’d like to tell you there were some creative costumes, but it’s a bit impossible when every girl wants to be a princess and every boy wants to be a pirate.  Yes, even my little boy sailed the high seas with an eye-liner goatee and scar today.

That's my little dude - tucked between two princesses, stuffing his face.

The teachers put on the usual games, songs, and dances that accompany a good kids’ party.  I missed most of it and showed up for the food.  Yeah, buddy.  That’s the way to go.

Party on, kindergarten.

Some very nice parents (and those obviously without little toddlers obsessed with sinks and toilets) set up a waffle buffet: cheese, pizza, fruit, and sweet.  I’ve never had a pizza waffle before.  I’ve never even thought to try that!  And, try it I did not.  I have a serious ick factor with weird-o meats and meat parts and I dunno how else you make a pizza waffle in Germany.  But, if I had a waffle maker here, I would definitely think up some way to make my own variation!

Cheese waffle station.

Back to the food.. apparently pirates eat a lot.  My particular scoundrel made off with half of the sweet waffle booty.  And then tripped and dropped them all.  Oh, the tragedy in the small stuff when you’re three.  And thirty three.  And sixty three.

Come dance or walk the plank!

After waffles, chips, cookies, fruit, and who knows what else, all children went up to the sports room for singing and dancing.  The teacher invited those dressed similarly to bow to each other and then twirl around dancing.  Even those dressed as “mamas” had to do it.  Boo – and I thought I was gonna get away with that.

Bow to your partner (no, we Germans don't know how to do-si-do).

Now, dance! (ultimate one-ups are at stake)

A good time was had by all.  So good, in fact, that the teachers are calling off Monday and Tuesday.  Ugh.  Well, at least Monday brings a city-wide parade for most of the afternoon.  Off we go!

3 thoughts on “Fasnachts Party!

  1. hehe i know I am not old but it has been 7 years since I was at a fasnachts parade in bayern. My favorite part was they straight up handed out sausages in the parade, I mean what are you supposed to do with it! Glad you are getting to experience real German traditions!

  2. cannot. stop. laughing. 🙂 The creepy masks were one thing, but Mario and Luigi German-style just put me over the edge!

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