Travelzoo Wednesday

We’ve had a week that’s just nutso.  Totally.  Completely.  Off-the-wall.  And it’s not done yet.

I had three kindergarten/daycare interviews scheduled in three days.  Doc Sci has a work deadline coming up.  T-Rex has a field trip.  Screech is getting his second haircut ever, and it’s going to be the first time either of the boys has had someone other than mama or daddy hold the scissors.  I just cannot keep that boy, er I mean his hair, contained.

Oh yeah and there’s a Lidl discount sale and a kids flohmarkt, both on the same day.

And we ordered a new washer.

And now I would like a vacation.  Travelzoo, let’s see what you’ve got.

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$599 Cabo: 4-Night Stay in Luxurious Villa, Save $900 : Anything 50% off or more is a good deal; this sounds like even better than good!  Now, you will have to get yourself to Cabo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a good deal turned up on airfare as well.  I’m always a fan of a place with an extra bedroom for the kiddos and a kitchen.

$29 & up Easter Weekend Fares on Sale (each way) : I’ve already got my Easter tickets (yay!) but if you don’t, go on a hunt at

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£15 Top Seats to ‘Cinderella’ Ballet in London, Reg £65 : If you’re a dude and men in tights is not your thing, suck it up.  This is a great deal.  Find a dame and make a date.

£10 & up Bank Holiday Bonanza: Deals Cut by up to 70% : With an unprecedented number of bank holidays grouped together between 22 April and 2 May, it’s now possible to take just three days off work to get 11 days of holiday. Most holiday companies have hiked their prices sky-high, but our team of deal experts has found a stack of last-minute travel and entertainment deals, all valid over the popular bank holiday period.  Here are Travelzoo’s top picks to help you make the most of your days off. The best part about it is you don’t have to be British to take advantage of these deals!

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

89 € – Kurfürstendamm hotel with sausage, to 57% Off : Oh man gracious.  Only in Germany is sausage (currywurst) an incentive to stay at a hotel!  As for me, I’m not the mystery meat type.  I’d rather hang out in the Finnish sauna thankyouverymuch.

from 369 € – long distance flights to Africa & Asia-Special, 200 € OFF : It doesn’t say in the title but this special is for Emirates Airlines.  Ever since I heard from a friend that their economy class is nicer than most airlines’ business class (and they have some amazing industry ratings), I’ve been trying to work out how to get myself onboard.  The text doesn’t say whether or not this is a roundtrip price, but I’d guess not.  Unfortunately, I am looking to go to Seoul in August (this deal runs through June), so this deal isn’t for me.  Boo.

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