Travelzoo Wednesday

On Tuesday, I found out all sorts of crazy things about what it’s like to go to the dentist in Germany.  But, I don’t want to tell you.  Nope, sorry.  I don’t want to relive it.

Especially the part where the hygienist used some high-fa-lootin’ contraption to clean my teeth that sounded AND felt exactly like the drill the dentist used twenty minutes prior to take the trash out.  The real kicker is she didn’t actually get my teeth clean.  And she charged me for it.

Nope, I do not wanna talk about that.  Not one bit.

Nor do I want to tell you about my visit to the dermatologist to make sure no inky black spots are hitching a ride on my epidermis.  Some things are better hushed and whispered in person.  (No, she didn’t find any.)

It’s a cryin’ shame but I think I spent my month’s travel budget yesterday on co-pays and fees.  Medical ones.  Icky, yucky, blecky.  Yep, I know that last one is totally not a word.

But, I also found out yesterday that we get to go to Hamburg next week to tag along with Doc Sci to a conference.  Aaaaaand we are going to the US very, very, very soon.

I will finally make it out of my city this year.  Just you wait!

Travelzoo Top 20 – US Edition

$96 & up Mountain & Beach Resorts 65% Off; Sale Ends 4/1 : I admit, this is definitely a luxury deal.  But how about splurging on a nice weekend away for the same price you’d probably pay for a Courtyard hotel room?  If this deal is for you, don’t forget to book by Friday!

$199 & up Europe Spring Fares in 3-Day Sale; Save $150 : Now, don’t get too excited about this price.  It’s one way and doesn’t include taxes or fees.  But, this special link allows you to take $150 off any flight on BA from the US, worldwide.  It’s at least worth a click and a look.

Travelzoo Top 20 – UK Edition

£669 & up Ends Thu: Australia Seat Sale w/5-Star Airline : Cathay Pacific is the 5-Star airline; the £669 price is to Perth.  Only slightly more for Melbourne or Sydney.  Finally some summer (well, in London anyway) fares are being released!

£129 London B&B Spring Stay w/Fizz, Save £100 : I’m not including this for the spectacular price (though it may be).  I just thought you all might want to learn that champagne is called fizz by the Brits.  Amazing – learn something new every day, even if that something doesn’t actually further your intelligence.

Travelzoo Top 20 – Germany Edition

€ 99 New opening: 40 sqm apartment in Berlin, 50% OFF : I’ve been scouring the deal pages for something like this in Hamburg.  No such luck.  Maybe I should go to Berlin instead!

from 218 € Amsterdam City Trip including hotel & air : There was a time when I would’ve thought this deal wasn’t so great.  That was before I realized it can cost almost a hundred euros per person to travel by train across Germany.  That’s a chunk of change just to get somewhere.  Never mind getting back.  Or sleeping, eating, or exploring.  The Netherlands in early summer?  Yes, please!

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