Two Weeks in America

What would you do with two weeks in your home country?  Gorge yourself on Chipotle burritos and salads and more burritos?  Savor Yogurtland and cupcakes, catching up with friends you totally miss?  Shop into the night at stores where stuff is cheap and actually fits you?

I did a little of that.

And my boys did a little of this.

First, you find the biggest slide possible because America is all about biggie size.

Then, you discover some fun new creative toys made of plastic. Good Germans do not play with plastic.

Next, you color some Easter eggs with your Grandma because she owns a (plastic) tablecloth and does not mind a tie-dyed mess in her kitchen.

It's then a good a idea to invite yourself to someone else's hunt for said Easter eggs though these contain less nutritious content like sugar and fake tattoos.

And just when you thought we were done with the whole Easter egg thing.. you make time to learn a new game definitely invented for boys involving SMASHING eggs together. May the strongest shell win.

You hold some babies who have been born in your absence. Sweet little girls that just sit there and look at you.

You soak up time in a splash pad because it's hotter in April in Florida than it will be all summer in Germany.

You pick up some other dude's tricycle at the park and figure out "bike-a-ling" (aka pedaling). Barefoot.

You then decide it's time to be a nice brother and share. Or maybe it's just that you don't want to face a sweaty, mad, hot Screech. Dark alley or not.

You live it up in the American-style baby swings (even if you are like 20 kilos over the weight limit).

You figure out how to ride in a car seat again. And how to fall asleep in one.

You reconnect with an old flame over dinner and try to restrain yourself from acting like a boy and smearing beans in her face.

You then decide you're really gonna miss this girl so you take her out for breakfast. And say goodbye. Sniff.

And, finally, as a last hurrah, you decide to climb like a monkey and jump like a jackrabbit with your cousin enough to warrant an unofficial airport official to give you your last stern talking to in English.


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