Marvel: We’re Grillin’ in the Rain

Dinner with a view.

I’m trying to become more German.  I am.  Really.

I’ve stopped using the trams (except on Mondays, my marathon training rest day).  I’ve started riding a bike.  Everywhere.

And, I’m trying to swallow the reality of the German saying, “There’s no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”


On Saturday, we put our mettle to the pedal.  Our friends invited us up to “The Lake” for a Saturday evening BBQ.  The forecast predicted light rain starting at 6pm.  Sprinkles started at 2pm and bordered on pouring at 430pm.  For a moment we pondered.  Should we stay?  Should we go?

Awww, shucks.  Living in Germany is all about adventure, right?  Man, up, Mama and get on the train.  After all, we’re just going for a few hours.  Our poor Aussie friends are staying the night!

(And at least we now have decent rain gear.  Movin’ on up!)

Fußball in the rain.

T-Rex dunking rocks in the lake.

I spent most of my afternoon trying to keep Screech from stomping around in icy lake’s waves that gently licked the rocky shore.  (Note to self: buy that kid some RAIN BOOTS!)  T-Rex played mud soccer.  Doc Sci busted out his grill know-how.  And, of course, we all stuffed our faces.

Everyone is drawn to the flame, marveling at the 3 euro grill. Or maybe it was because the grill was under the tarp and out of the rain?

And speaking of grilling, our friends brought a disposable one, purchased from the grocery store for 3 euro.  Crazy!  This thing had enough heat to cook a kilometer of sausage (okay, maybe not that much) and some turkey shishkabobs, warm up a packet of roasted vegetables, AND toast almost an entire package of marshmallows.  Impressive, really.  I see a few of those puppies in my grocery budget’s future.

Mmmmmmm, turkey. Sausage? Eh.

The jaw-dropping moment of the evening belongs to their campsite neighbor.  This guy emerged from his camper van sporting some questionable, extra short trousers.  I still am not quite over the German let-it-all-hang-out mentality.

Howdy, neighbor.

As I marvel at the fact that this guy came to chat it up in his skivvies, Doc Sci points out that this guy isn’t parading around in his underwear.  Nope, that’s a bathing suit.

Come on in; the water's fine.

This bloke is going swimming.  In the lake.  When it’s raining.  And 45 degrees outside.

“It’s good for the circulation,” he says.  And then he invites us all to join him.

Nein, danke!


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