A Day in the Life

What I ate for lunch last Tuesday. Leftover homemade veggie/beef burger, homemade bun, spicy German potato snacks (not homemade), and a homemade rehydration drink in an imported bottle.  I really should get out of the kitchen.

I am many things.  I’m determined, organized, creative, tired, a reader, a close friend, a wannabe runner, busy, creative…  And a cheapskate, passport-obsessed Mama.  Duh.  But I would never, ever, forever put scrapper on the end of that list.

Most scrapbooks are so kitschy crafty.  I gag at bling, buttons, and bows all over quality photographs.  Maybe you like it.  I’m cool with that.  I just probably won’t want to go to that weekend-long scrapbooking lock-in you’re raving about.  Just sayin’.

But, unfortunately, that leaves me with a dilemma.  How do I organize and preserve memories of our family?

One idea I found about a year and a half ago is something called A Day in the Life.  You pick one day and take photographs all day long.  Shove a camera in your family’s face.  Introduce your three year-old to what it’s like to be stalked by the paparazzi.  Then maybe he will definitely-sorta-hopefully think twice about trying out for American Idol.

Once you have your whole day photographed, organize the pictures into a digital photo book (bling, buttons, and bows optional).  Order one, and stick it in a box somewhere to be discovered by your then seventeen year-old son’s girlfriend.  Order two for the grandparents and cross their names off your Christmas list.

I’m in the midst of working on my second-annual edition, so the finished project isn’t ready for visitors.  But, I found two sites for you here and here with more information and ideas.

Several twists on this theme:

  • A Day in the Life.. of each person in your family.  This might be a bit much for me as I like to keep it simple and this could easily become four photo books.
  • A Week in the Life.  This way you can capture Emily’s dance lessons and Jack’s baseball practices even though they aren’t on the same day.  Keep it simple though – you don’t need seven pictures of breakfast.  Unless you’re an awesome breakfast chef.  Then you should come over to my house, make breakfast, and take pictures.  But not of me in the morning.  I like French Toast, thanks for asking.
  • Month or Year by the day.  Take one photograph for each day of a month or a year.  December is a good month especially if you have lots of events and family visiting.  But, that could just be one more thing to add to an already-full schedule.  Personally, I’m intrigued by the year idea.  It would have been great to do that for our year in Germany.  Ah, well, next adventure.

Once you have all your photos ready to go, remember to look for deals.  I have used Artscow (out of Hong Kong!) many times.  The quality is decent and the price can’t be beat.  They often have deals where the book is free; you pay the shipping (on par with US companies).  Or you pay a nominal fee for the book and shipping is free.  Either way, you can get a decent book for under $10 (provided it’s not fifty gazillion pages) if you just take some time to search around.

So, what do you think of this idea?  Have you ever done a photo book like this before?  If you don’t do this, what do you do to preserve family memories?


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