Marvel: American Week

Okay, the real marvel is not the crazy stuff I found at the grocery store this week.  It’s that I could be so wrapped up in another project that I didn’t have one stinkin’ spare minute to post here at Thrifty Travel Mama!  I’m a to-do-lister and BLOG did not make it on the list one too many days in a row if you ask me.  Just sayin’.

Now, on to more bizarre things!

MEAT! Ribeyes for the good ol' boys.

This week is American week at Aldi.  If you’re not familiar with Aldi, it has basic staples (milk, bread, pasta, meat, vegetables, etc.) with something new every week to tempt you to blow your grocery budget.  It could be anything from bikes to bras to bratwurst to books on CD.

And, these Germans are serious about Aldi specials.  If you want something, you better get there on Monday morning (my shopping time) or the gettin’ could be gone.

And what, pray tell, might Aldi offer as “American”?

Junk food!!  Jelly beans, popcorn (sugared), marshmallows, brownies, popcorn shrimp, microwaveable hamburgers, hot dogs in a jar… Wait, hog dogs in a jar?  Apparently, Aldi and Oscar Mayer have never met.

Mmmmmmm, shelf-stable mystery meat!

I can’t say I wasn’t excited about some of the things (tortillas & bagels for starters), but most of it just cracked me up.  Is this what Germans really think Americans eat?!

Hooray for tortillas! If had a place to put them, I would have bought a whole box.

Doc Sci wanted me to buy a bottle of barbecue sauce.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to take up valuable fridge real estate with something that most likely tastes like bacon mixed with tomato paste.  After all, the store was selling ketchup and mustard swirled together in a tube.  Weird.  Gross.  Totally weird & gross.

Swirly ketchup-mustard and ketchup-mayo tubes.

Penny Markt (another discount chain) had an American week about a month ago.  Along with the usual cupcake mixes and bagged mac & cheese knock-offs (which sadly do NOT taste like mac & cheese), they offered Jack Daniels Whiskey Cola.  In a can.  I’m no liquor liker, but I wondered if this “American” stuff would even sell in America!

Glug, glug, Jack & coke in a can?

Once I got to wondering that, I wondered what Mexicans must think of Mexican products sold in the US.  What about Chinese people and the Americanized fake-out takeout?

And that brings us down to a fundamental question.  What exactly IS American food?  Can anything really be American in a melting pot nation?  If you were to decide what to offer during American week, what would you choose?


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