Trip Report: Basel

Thrifty Travel Mama - Basel, SwitzerlandOn the third and final public holiday of June when everything was closed and boring in our little corner of Germany, we ventured to Switzerland.  Basel, to be exact.

We didn’t spend the whole day there, so I can’t comment on the entire city of Basel.  But we did enjoy what we saw, even if it was just to get out of the.. country.  Ha!

Our visit in pictures:

One of the first things we saw was an old ferry. These boats use nothing but the current of the Rhine to power across the water.

If we had not had Phil & Ted with us, we would’ve tried out the ferry. It was probably the cheapest thing to do in Basel.

Our visit happened to be a chilly one; had the weather been different, we might have gone for a sanctioned swim in the river!

A metal model of the Innenstadt in the park along the Rhine.

And speaking of cheap, things in Basel were NOT. at. all.

With all the good Italian gelato shops around, why in the world would you pay 8,50 Swiss francs (that’s TEN US DOLLARS) for three scoops of American ice cream?

Okay, it’s not Swiss, but I’m a Sound of Music softie (much to the chagrin of my German friends who think it is a total bore).

The only thing Doc Sci wanted to buy in Switzerland? Golden fries from the Golden Arches. (he didn’t – they were too busy)

To get over our sticker shock, we climbed the hill to the Münster. Knock, knock, somebody let this T-Rex in!

The view from the Münster was amazing.. and free.

Surprisingly, public bathrooms were also free. Score for Switzerland.

And you have this for a view when you exit said free public bathrooms.

And this man serenades your walk. I thought these thigamabobs only existed in movies and Ricola commercials.

The highlight of the trip for the boys was the Tinguely Fountain.

A big shallow pool full of moving, spraying, swaying sculptures? The worst part was trying to make sure the boys didn’t end up in the art.

Oh and there are pigeons to chase.  Can’t be beat.

But at the end of the day, you know what I really want, Mama? NO MORE PICTURES! Please, I’m too famous already.

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