Second of July

After our psycho trip to the French border, we passed out for a few hours, and then dragged our tired bodies to a Fourth of July party.  Only it wasn’t the fourth, it was the second.  And it was supposed to be about American independence, but I didn’t see any part of the program that reflected that.

Uncle Sam the cat.

I have to say I missed the usual parades and pies.  Doc Sci was happy because the biergarten (where the party was held) served ribs.  That was about the extent of the American food, though.  Beer and bratwurst rounded out the menu.  The boys enjoyed coloring and getting their faces painted.  I just kind of sat there, still in a daze.

Order up!

I had hoped to meet some other Americans and expand my English-speaking horizons.  Unfortunately, my exhaustion pretty much ruined any chance I had of attempting to be outgoing.  I did, however, run into a German friend and a family from T-Rex’s kindergarten.

Coloring activities for the kiddies.

It was nice of the German-American association to put on such a party and to go to the trouble of decorating the whole place in red, white, and blue.  Perhaps next year they can do the program in English and someone can explain to me why a kung fu demonstration has a part in the celebration of American independence.  Ah, well, such is life overseas!

Screech's first time getting his face painted. I think it was meant to be some kind of swoosh, but it looks like the Russian flag!

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July celebrations.  We are off to another kind of celebration – a destination wedding in Bulgaria!  Trip report to follow…

Bells in a biergarten.


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