Diary of a Potty Training Mama – Part II

Day 4 – Looking for a new normal.

I’m still in the trenches fighting for freedom from diapers.  I’ve got poop on my pants (not my own, mind you) but a smile on my face.  It’s working!

We’re past the boot camp phase; we’re no longer pumping Screech full of liquids and watching him volley them back to us bucket in hand.  It’s now time to make notes of every time he drinks, how much he drinks, when he puts his presents in the potty, if he misses and puts the presents on the floor instead, and any other data mildly of interest.

Why do we make a log of such personal details?  We’re looking for patterns in order to establish a new schedule.  Things such as I most likely have 45 minutes between the first drink of milk at breakfast and the first trip to the potty to cram laundry in the washer, dump food in the crockpot, shove breakfast down my own piehole or any other task requiring me to focus my attention somewhere other than little boy parts.

I need to know how many trips to the potty usually occur between lunch and the time I need to strap the little man in the stroller and jog on over to pick up T-Rex from school.  I need to know whether there are fewer trips to the potty in the morning or in the afternoon, so I can schedule play dates and make sure I don’t go totally nuts fighting this out.

And how is Screech doing in all this?  Absolutely fan-spankin’-tastic.  All liquids yesterday and today (so far) have made it into the blue IKEA plastic, at least half of the time on his own initiative.  As for the solids?  Well, we’re working on it.

Every day brings us closer to bye bye Pampers, hello Hanes.  God help us, I think we’re gonna make it!


3 thoughts on “Diary of a Potty Training Mama – Part II

    • Hi there! Yes, I do use cotton training pants, but mostly when we are home, I just let Screech go around with nothing on from the waist down. When we go out, I use Potty Scotty training pants. I’ll use these until I’m comfortable with his patterns and our communication. Then we’ll graduate to little boy underwear. =) Thanks for your comment!

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