I like numbers, so it’s a good thing I married an engineer.  Well, okay, I don’t like doing anything with numbers; I just like how they look.  And what they represent.  So, it’s still a good thing I married an engineer.  He can do with them as he pleases; when he’s done, I can make them pretty.

Doc Sci and I… by the numbers:

1.  Times we had to fight about which way the knives go in the dishwasher.

2.  Countries we’ve lived in together.

3.  Kids we’ve had together (T-Rex, Screech, and a Boston named Berlin).

4.  Months we were engaged.

5.  Times we’ve moved together.

6.  Books we’ve read out loud to each other.

7.  (x10) Years we want to be married.  (to each other – duh)

This isn’t a post on how you can have a supercalifrajilisticexpialidoshous marriage; it’s just an appreciation for my most favorite person in the whole wide world.

I’m thankful we’ve made it this far in marriage in these troubled days.  Marriages all around us are ceasing to be or crumbling in that direction.  We’ve no magic formula, no reason this thing should work.  We need, ask for, and receive grace upon grace every single day.

So I pray that the only 7 year itch we’ll have will be from mosquito bites earned on late-night picnics in the park together while our boys sleep in the building behind us.

And speaking of picnics, it’s my anniversary, and I will make Nutella pound cake if I wanna.

2 thoughts on “Seven

  1. I love you so much! That recipe must come my way. I was thinking of you on your Anniversary and I hope it was great.. I mean you are in Deutschland so it cant be that bad! xoxoxoxo

    • Love you too!!! Click the link for the recipe. Caution! The Nutella sinks to the bottom of the loaf so put a lot of batter on the bottom layer and not so much on the top. It was great! Thanks for the wishes =) Hope your birthday rocked!

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