33 Days of Summer

Next week is the last week of the kindergarten year.  Then I’ll be staring 33 in the face and knocking it down one day at a time.

Well, it’s actually 29 days because the last four we’ll be in Berlin.  But let’s not get all technical like that.  I realize some of you have almost three MONTHS of summer vacation to fill.

I’ve read some blogs where the mamas say YIPPEEEE my kids are out of school!!!  Let’s be honest.  I’m not quite there.. yet.  It’s not that I don’t want my kids to be home with me (I do).  It’s more that I absolutely dread playing cruise director, hunting up new and exciting things to keep my kids entertained.  This is probably due to the fact that they’re not quite old enough to come up with their own ideas of how to occupy their time.  And, there’s the added pressure of making sure that the activities are rowdy enough that they’re tired enough to still nap in the afternoon.  Sigh.

But, I’ve decided I’m going to give this thing a go.. before going nuts and telling my husband to quick, teach me how to do his job so we can switch places at least a few days per week.

Ha – like I could learn engineering in 33 days.  Or 330 days.  Or 3300 days. 

So, I’m making a list of things to do this summer that will hopefully keep the cabin fever (and resultant fighting) at bay.  But I need your help.

The internet is full of ideas for kids who can already read, aren’t interested in tasting poster paint, know what the word insect means, can watch an entire movie in one sitting, etc.  I have a kindergartener (preschooler in the US) and a toddler.  Oh, and I still don’t speak enough German to just randomly ask a mama on the street what she does with her whippersnappers.  Well, maybe I could ask, but I might not understand the reply.  Or know how to say whippersnapper in German.

Here’s my list-in-progress.  Can you help me come up with other summer break ideas for a three and a half year-old and an almost two year-old?  Pretty please?


  • Library
  • Zoo
  • Pool (indoor and outdoor)
  • Bounce house
  • IKEA
  • Playground
  • Forest playground
  • Picnic
  • Lunch with daddy
  • Walk to the store for popsicles
  • Walk to the bakery for pretzels
  • Post office (to mail letters – see below)
  • Play dates (I also made a list of friends)
  • Day trips (still working on a list of destinations)


  • Make a cardboard playhouse
  • Write real letters to family and friends
  • Color & paint
  • Games (extremely simplified Uno & Connect 4, Memory.. any others??)
  • Puzzles
  • Cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, laundry)


  • Ride a pedal bike (T-Rex) and a no-pedal bike (Screech)
  • Draw shapes
  • Write letters
  • Memorize Bible verses


Quiet Time

  • “Quiet box” filled with books, coloring books, small puzzle, etc for T-Rex to do on his own
  • Screech will still have quiet time in his bed with his toys each morning

I’m looking forward to hearing what you would do with my two rambunctious raptors.  Leave a comment, and I’ll add you to my list!

P.s. – I live in a small city.  No mall, no food court, no free babysitting at Whole Foods. 

P.p.s. – We cannot afford to take a big trip right now as we’re saving to go to Korea in October ($$$$$!) .  Unless you want to send me on a sponsored trip, please don’t tempt me with delicious destinations.  Thanks.  =)

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