Summer Holiday

How to keep two boys entertained while you sit on a park bench and play with your iPhone.. er, I mean pretend you have an iPhone.

Can summer really be called summer if more often than not it’s cold enough for a sweater?  Or a rain jacket?

I’m still not sure what to make of the wonky weather here.  Rain, clouds, cold, hot, humid, mild, amazing.  All in a week’s weather here in Germany.

But one thing’s certain.  It was definitely the wrong idea not to travel somewhere, anywhere for the month of August.

Lately, I’ve witnessed a strange phenomenon in my city that I’ve never before seen.  All the residents go out; and, all the tourists come in.

Yes, I lived in Orlando, so I know what it means to reside in a major tourist destination.  But, my current city is not one of those.  I’m not really sure why there should be hordes of Japanese.  Or Italians.  Or Americans.  It’s just weird.

But even weirder is how everyone that lives here leaves during summer holiday.

I’ve suddenly found myself living in a ghost town.  Playgrounds are eerily empty.  Lines at the supermarket are shorter than Publix at 8am on a Tuesday.  The park lawns are practically bare; no barbecues, frisbees, or tight ropes (seriously.. I will have to tell you about that when all the residents return).

Remember I told you I made a list of friends for potential play dates during the summer break?  Pffft.  Ain’t nobody on that list left here.  I can’t believe it.  And only Americans take vacations measured in days.  Everyone else takes them in weeks.

It’s like I’m back in school myself on summer vacation whining, “I’m BORED.”  Only, I’m the mama.  Yikes.

At every meal and every night before bed, T-Rex prays, “Thank You God I get to go back to school tomorrow.”  Poor kid.  Poor mama.

So while I’m searching desperately for super cheap last-minute get-me-outta-here options, I’m making a mental note.  If we still reside in Germany next summer, make sure to GO HOME in August.  Wait, nope, just kidding.  Can’t do that either.  Schools in the US start in August.

Oh well, guess we’ll just have to find our way to the Seychelles instead!

How’s your summer going?  Want to come visit me?


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