I have a new love.. Pinterest!

Well, perhaps love isn’t exactly the right word.  It’s more like time sucking obsession.  But, it wasn’t supposed to be this way.

You see, I read this post (which I found courtesy of simplemom), “A Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest.”  At the very end of the post, I saw this:

So, why should I be on Pinterest?

Is this just another pretty float in an never-ending parade of time-sinks?

I don’t think so. Not at all.

This was the exact reason I had purposefully NOT joined previously.  Well, okay, maybe if this busy mom blogger has time for it, I’ll bite.

So, I signed up.  And I started pinning.. and pinning.. and pinning some more.  Perhaps the writer of the above post wasn’t a visually oriented person because I found the opposite to be true.  Pinterest is a great place to spend hours ogling instead of working, cleaning, cooking, organizing, or whatever else real life mamas are supposed to be doing.

It may be a guilty pleasure, but Pinterest is fascinating, full of amazing, clever, innovative, beautiful, inspiring, hilarious, atrocious, delicious images.

And, while I have a personal Pinterest page, I thought it would be a great idea to create one for Thrifty Travel Mama.  Check it out here, and follow if you like it (you must be a current Pinterest user to follow, but anyone can view).

For newbies, the idea of Pinterest is to create visual boards with pins of things you want to remember and revisit later.  I’ve created boards for Dream Destinations, Simple Pleasures, Favorite Places, Packing Tips, etc.

Clicking on a board will take you to a collection of images on a theme.  Clicking an individual photo will allow you to comment (if you are a Pinterest user), and clicking the image again from the comment page will take you to the source.

Happy pinning (or lurking)!  If you stumble across anything you think should be added to my boards, leave a comment below and I’ll check it out.


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