Where in the World Will Thrifty Travel Mama Live Next?

Talk about living in the moment.  It’s hard not to do that when your life is full of as much uncertainty as mine.  On the one hand, it’s very frustrating; on the other hand, it’s very freeing.

Doc Sci is doing research at the university here in our city.  He started last September on an eight month contract which was renewed for another six months.  His current contract ends on November 30, and it won’t be renewed due to a lack of funding.

We’re glad about this in a way (the current boss hasn’t been the easiest), but we hope it is possible to stay in Germany.  We’ve been graciously given some leads on research positions here as well as a few back in the US.

Where will we go?  Only God knows.

One thing that I do know though is that we have to move.  Our apartment has already been re-rented, so even if we stay, we have to find somewhere else to live.  Finding housing in my corner of Germany is quite a feat, especially on such short notice.  Again about that God thing, we’ll be praying because we know it works.

So while we jet set off to a new location for a holiday and a conference (more on that to come), we’ll be considering what the desires of our hearts are and then asking God to line those up with His plans for us.

Stay tuned, we’ll have some kind of news in only a few weeks!


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