Where in the World Will Thrifty Travel Mama Go Next?

Fun graphic art from Studio MPLS.

I wish I was as cool as Carmen Sandiego.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to travel the world in a bright red trench coat?

Alas, I cannot be Carmen Sandiego… because Carmen Sandiego + kids would just be too darn easy to find.

And, just where will you find my not-so-secret-agent self and my crazy, loud, hilarious kids next?

South Korea!

By the time you read this, we will be jetting our way to a new continent, seven time zones away.  Have we gone totally bonkers?  Quite possibly.

Did I mention the flight there is 10 1/2 hours and the flight back is 11 1/2 hours?  Bring your eye masks and earplugs folks.  It’s about to get real.  Nutty.

This will be our biggest, zaniest, most expensive, most nerve-wracking trip to date.  And I am totally excited.

Well, about everything except the actual longer-than-the-average-work-day flight time with two under four… and the food.  I am NOT an adventurous eater by any means and I have read that such things as silk worm larvae, live octopus, calf lung, and eel await me.

You can rest assured I won’t be trying anything so ridiculous, BUT I have to admit I’m terrified of accidentally ordering something so gag-worthy because I don’t read Korean.

And the only things I can say in Korean are hello, thank you, sorry, I’m hungry, and are you crazy!?.  Maybe I should brush up on that.. “nothing alive and still moving, please.”

Hang on to your hats folks and ready yourselves for trip reports and posts featuring marvels, miracles, and mishaps from our first trip to Asia!


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