Kids on a Plane

Worse than snakes on a plane?

Maybe.  But I hate snakes.  The terror doesn’t subside with snacks or toys or earplugs.

One of the things I pinned on my Tips & Guides Pinterest board was this article, “50 Ways to Entertain a Kid on a Plane.”

Wanting some fresh ideas to keep my sanity intact to Asia and back, I had a look around the 50 ways.  My verdict?  Disappointing.

Perhaps my expectations were just all wrong.  I had hoped for creative ideas that included items I already had around my house or inventive ways to repurpose things that wouldn’t necessarily be appealing to kids.

Unfortunately, most of the “ways” involved purchasing products, some expensive.

I’m all about picking up a few dollar store cheap-o distractions.  If they get lost or mangled (extremely likely with my two boys), it’s no biggie.  It also doesn’t bust my trip budget.  But to go out and buy new things that I’m going to have to lug around with all the other junk I have to bring just seemed silly and counter to my nature.

One idea actually included a safari set.  Seriously?  Has the author seen the size of tray tables these days?!

The article wasn’t all bad, and I managed to find a few I’d like to try.

The Cheerio necklace.  We don’t have real cheerios here (did you know that in Australia, cheerios are Lil-Smokies-type sausages? haha!), but the imitation ones will do.  The idea is to bring dental floss (which hello, you already need that) and cheerios and let the children go to town making edible jewelry.  I think even my boys could get into this since it involves eating.

Rubber band ball.  Rubber bands are simply fascinating to three year-olds.  T-Rex would love to get his hands on three bags of these things to make a rubber band ball.  I can see this activity taking at least an hour.  One down, nine and a half to go!

Post-it Notes.  Several ideas included post-it notes.  I liked the idea of having your child tell you a very simple story which you write down on the notes, a sentence or two on each.  Then the child gets to draw the pictures.  The leftover notes can be stuck all over the tray table, seat, parent, and flight attendant.  Genius.

If I can remember to include these things in my carry-on, I’ll let you know how the above ideas actually hold up.  It’s one thing to make a list, another thing to actual try it!


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